Publication date September 4, 2023

Eat These 5 Foods If You Want Healthy and Stronger Nails

Did you know that nails are made of keratinized dead cells? So any lack of nutrition in the body instantly shows up its effect on the nail's health. Health experts were not lying when they said your nail shows the signs of illnesses in the body. It’s because after providing the nutrition to the vital organs whatever is left in your body is taken by the nails. This is why you should be taking care of your nails and listening to your nutritionists. 

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Getting frequent nail art done can damage the bed of your nails and if that isn't bad enough getting back stronger and healthy nails can be time-consuming if the damage was too bad. Aside from taking care of your nails by getting frequent manicures and applying nail and cuticle oil, you should take care of internal hydration and nutrition. Here are a few of the foods recommended by nutritionists that you should include in your diet for healthy and stronger nails.

Lean Meat 

Including a protein-rich diet in your food should be your priority as nails have keratin and keratin buildup in the body needs protein. Lean red meat is an excellent source of protein. Try including portions of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken in at least two of your meals. Taking care of your daily protein intake can solve the problem of fragile and unhappy nails as these food groups not only provide protein but also give other essential nutrients such as zinc, folate, B12, and more.  

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Dark Leafy Greens 

Leafy greens are a great source of calcium, iron, and antioxidants. There are numerous ways to have dark and cruciferous leafy greens. You can make a smoothie of the whole greens, or add the powder in your smoothies or water and gulp it down or you could eat them as salads. They are versatile when it comes to adding them to the food so there is no excuse for you to not add them to your diet.

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Nuts and Healthy Fats 

Nuts are power packed with a lot of nutrients and easy to munch on whenever you can. Nuts also contain healthy fats essential for the body. In addition to providing some of the vital nutrients in the body, it can also serve as an easy replacement for all your bad and junk food cravings. 

Nail Health

Source: Popular Science

The ‘Rainbow’. 

Don’t be surprised if we didn't ask you to add fruits and other veggies to your diet plan yet because it requires a special mention. Well, it’s the rainbow diet for us. What is a rainbow diet you ask? Including the veggies and fruits of different colors of the rainbow. The food groups of different colors offer a variety of nutrients required for the body and in turn, also help with healthy and strong nails. 


Eggs are a complete source of all the essential amino acids that the body needs to thrive on. It is one of the best food sources for getting healthy and stronger nails. The nutrients in the eggs can help repair and strengthen the nails. Plus, they are so easy to make. Making eggs doesn't have to be boring, you can legit eat so many different dishes for breakfast just made of eggs.

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