Publication date November 8, 2022

Have you met Disney's first-ever plus-sized heroine Bianca?

Who is Bianca? Bianca is Disney’s new heroine in their “Short Circuit” series of experimental short films. These short films are entertaining but also promote something which is needed. Their series of short films revolve around the acceptance of their own physiques. Disney’s work on body positivity was impeccable and fans loved it. The fans especially loved Bianca, as Bianca is Disney’s first plus-sized lead in an animated film. And fans also pointed out a historical new beginning for Disney as Bianca is their first plus-sized protagonist and not an antagonist. If you think about it back in the day Disney had a lot of villains who were plus-sized. It was as if they wanted to portray every plus-sized person as having villainous attributes. 

Disney's plus-sized heroine melt hearts

Source: Metro UK

But Disney has come a long way from their plus-sized villains to their first plus-sized heroine Bianca, who is fighting “her own reflection”. Bianca in the film is a ballet dancer who is battling body dysmorphia. The film uses symbolism to put forward a strong message, like when Bianca is struggling with her self-confidence, her teacher very gracefully reminds her, “ Tight tummy! Long neck!”. Following that her reflection in the mirror shatters. I loved how the director used the series of scenes to convey how broken Bianca feels from the inside while living with body dysmorphia.  

We could expect nothing less from Hillary Bradfield, the director of the short film. If the name does not ring a bell then some of her work might jog your memory. Hilary Bradfield directed films like Encanto and Frozen 2 before working on this masterpiece of a short film. If you think I am being biased then I shall let you know Disney fans collectively loved the film and praised Disney for such representation on screen. 

Disney fans have flooded the internet with their praises for the short film Reflect, Bianca, and Disney. Many connected with the short film on a personal level. One person tweeted, “16-year-old me needed this Disney short before I quit ballet because I didn’t want to be the fat girl in class anymore. I’m glad little ones will have this. 10/10 for Reflect!” The tweet shows how important the film is for the young ones who are going through the same struggles silently. Not just Twitter, many TikTokers also talked about the importance of the narrative of the short film. One TikToker leveraged the platform to talk about how Bianca felt trapped in a state of self-doubt and fear, and how she overcame her fears by finding love for herself.”

I believe so many people are talking about this short film because many could relate to the Disney heroine Bianca. I am certain many will find strength and hope from watching Bianca overcome her adversities. Many netizens shared their experiences with one saying “She looks exactly like me when I was her age! I was in the same situation in dance classes.” Many like this user saw themselves in Bianca. So don’t you think a character so touching should deserve their own full-length feature film? This is exactly the Disney fans want. So we just have to wait and see after receiving so much praise from their fans will Disney put Bianca in a full-length feature film?

So what do you think Bianca deserves her own full-length film? Comment down below.

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