Publication date August 29, 2023

Naked nails are hot this summer! Want to learn how to rock it?

We tend to check people’s nails subconsciously and well-groomed nails can quickly grab our attention. I have always been a fan of gel polish and nail art, but right now naked nails are trending this summer and I thought to give it a try. Famous faces like Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Stella McCartney can always be seen spotting naked nails. Well-groomed nails show class and elegance. 

Naked nails, unlike nude nails, are a little different. They are more like bare nails. Either you apply nothing or a clean and sheer coat of clear polish. Naked nails whether or not in trend look amazing and never go out of style. It’s also pretty low-maintenance to get naked nails. Naked nails are all about embracing your natural nails.

Naked Nails

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Learn how you can rock naked nails this summer.

It all starts with nail health. You can't show off your naked nails if your nail health is bad. First and foremost if you need to get strong healthy nails then start with internal nutrition. The health of your nail reflects in the growth of your nail and the shine it has. Eating a good diet can effectively increase the health of your nails.

Healthy Cuticles

Overtime use of nail polishes and getting frequent manicures can actually damage your nail bed and cuticles. Nail cuticles can dry out if not taken care of properly and to rock naked nails you need to have healthy cuticles. Keep the nail cuticles moisturised using nail oils or cuticle creams. Also, avoid cutting your cuticles as it can make them prone to infections.

Gentle Buffing

Buffing your nails can actually give shine to your nails and improve the texture of your nail. Gentle buffing enhances blood circulation in and around the nail, giving it a nice healthy reddish/ pinkish glow. 

Maintain Length 

Naked nails look good if you properly trim the nails before they get too long. Clean, natural-looking nails should be maintained properly and symmetrically. I am sure it is going to look flawless and put together. 

Naked nails

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Regular exfoliation is the secret of beautiful looking nails. If you ever want to rock on naked nails then exfoliating your nails should be your best bet. Regular exfoliation helps get rid of dead cells and helps in achieving soft skin around the nails. It also gives a manicure-like look for the nails without having to go to the salon. Chemical peels are ideal for exfoliation but you can also go for gentle sugar or salt scrubs once in a while.  

Avoid the Use of Excessive Hot Water

Hot water damages the nail bed and nails and can even cause breakage in the nails. Avoid putting your hand in excessive and extreme levels of temperature difference. You can instead use warm water instead of hot water as warm water helps in softening the cuticles and the nails allowing you to cut them easily. 

Follow a Nail Care Routine

For best results follow a nail care routine that will make your nails look clean and fresh all the time. So, you don't always need to get a manicure all the time. Use a nail serum that helps you with nail strengthening and growth. Your nails need moisturization just like other parts of the body and to keep them soft and smooth you can use oils or serums on your cuticle and nail bed. 


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