Publication date July 21, 2022

Did you know deep down Gordon Ramsay is an absolute sweetheart?

Gordon Ramsay is no doubt one of the best and most accomplished chefs in the world but he is better known for being a loudmouth perfectionist in his TV shows. If you have followed some of Gordon’s television hits like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare, and MasterChef US then you would know Gordon Loves to use a plethora of colorful lingo when he doesn’t like something. But did you know the big bad Gordon Ramsay deep down is a softie? I knew you wouldn’t believe me so I listed down 10 moments that prove Gordon Ramsay is an absolute sweetheart.

Anything for a smile

Gordon Ramsay's sweeter side

Source: Eater

MasterChef Junior has shown us a whole new side of Gordon Ramsay. His work on the show has created countless wholesome moments. And one such moment that melted my heart was when I saw Gordon Ramsay spring to action to console an upset contestant. The contestant was under a lot of stress and her food was not going the way she wanted it to. That is when Gordon swooped in like a superhero to cheer her up. And Gordon was adamant he wouldn’t leave without a smile.

Gordon loves his harshest critic

Gordon Ramsay with his mother

Source: TODAY

Would you believe it if I told you that even Gordon Ramsay cannot please everyone with his cooking? Yup, he is yet to please his harshest critic, his mum. Gordon took to Instagram on Mother’s Day to share a video. The video had the chef and his mum cooking a meal together. The critically acclaimed chef goes to his mother (Helen Cosgrove) and asks her to taste his food. She tasted the food and said, “Urgh, I don’t like it.”

Gordon added in the caption “Happy Mother’s Day Mum! You may not enjoy my toppings but I love you”. The video was a hit amongst Gordon’s fans. One fan commented down below saying “Get your mum her show please, she’s brilliant”, while another commented, “hahaha now I understand everything”. This video surely showed us a different side of Gordon Ramsay.

The family cook-off

Gordon Ramsay has a cook off with his daughter Tilly

Source: Mums Lounge

t’s no secret that Gordon Ramsay is a family man and shares a great bond with his children. One of his daughters Matilda who is popularly known as Tilly has taken after her father and stepped into the culinary world. While appearing on The Late Night Show with James Corden the father and daughter duo shared a fun little segment. Both of them tried to one-up each other while making a full English breakfast. The segment was hilarious and it portrayed their love for each other and cooking.

Gordon the YouTuber

Gordon Ramsay YouTube

Source: The Mirror

If you are not subscribed to Gordon’s YouTube channel, do it immediately. Those who are subscribed know Gordon pulled out all the stops to entertain us during peak lockdown. Gordon posted weekly videos where he taught everyone how to prepare various meals. But the episodes were hilarious. Maybe for the first time, Gordon didn’t have a film crew at his disposal so he had to rely on his children to shoot the video which led to some hilarious banter between the host and the camera crew. But his kids are also very sharp and roasted Gordon whenever a dish was not ready by the predicted time. If you want to learn to cook in a fun way then Gordon is your guy!

No one can promote like Gordon

Gordon Ramsay on The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Source: TIME

Many celebrities appear on various talk shows to promote their shows and Gordon is no different. Gordon appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to promote the MasterChef Junior and that led to a hilarious segment. In the segment, Jimmy Fallon competed against two junior chefs in a crepe cook-off. But as the judge Gordon seemed a little “biased”. He guided both the junior chefs but at the same time Jimmy received some sledging from the judge. He even pulled out his famous “idiot sandwich” quote, it was truly a promotion I may never forget.

Ramsay vs Hot ones

Gordon Ramsay on Hot Ones

Source: StayHipp

Hot Ones took celebrity interviews to a whole new level. Sean Evan hosts the show where different celebrities answer questions about their career and upcoming projects while battling some of the hottest wings on this planet. And Gordon Ramsay was one of the most requested guests on the show. And the internet finally pressured Gordon Ramsay and Sean Evans into a room. That was one of the best Hot Ones episodes ever. Gordon came prepared with donuts and eclairs to battle those wings of death. But he didn’t forget Sean and kept offering him sweets too. I know Gordon was in terrible pain but I just couldn’t stop laughing every time he drenched his wings in lime juice before having those. If you still haven't watched the episode, do it now and you will see a whole new side of the TV’s most notorious chef.

Ramsay rules TikTok

Gordon Ramsay is not all anger and rage. If you want to see his funny side then you should check out his TikTok. His reactions to others' cooking are hilarious. Reaction videos are not the end of it; you can also see him pranking his kids. I never thought I would ever see GORDON RAMSAY pull pranks. He also tries viral trends on his TikTok. So if you want to experience the playful and mushy side of Gordon Ramsay then go check out his TikTok.

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