Publication date September 9, 2022

Gabbie Hanna finally opens up about her "concerning" 100 TikTok spree

In this era of social media, everyone is struggling to stay relevant and that has resulted in many instances that have worried the fans. One such incident graced TikTok a few days back when a renowned TikToker Gabbie Hanna posted over 100 TikToks in 24 hours. Every now and then creators decide to amp up their posting to better their reach but 100 TikToks in 24 hours is a bit much. 

The TikToks posted by Gabbie Hanna was more like it didn't seem like a creator was trying to entertain the masses. Her TikTok posting spree felt more like uncomfortable never-ending spam which became more uncomfortable with each new TikTok. But before we look over the 24-hour long rant which was not so gracefully recorded in 100 TikToks let me tell you guys Gabbie Hanna is not any small creator, she has more than 7.3 million followers on TikTok.

Gabbie Hanna the trauma queen of TikTok

Source: Page Six

Now it all started on 23rd August when Gabbie was trying to save the world! Well not exactly, the odd series of TikToks started with the one where she made an extraordinary claim of how she is going to save the world. As the series of TikTok kept moving forward the videos became gradually weirder. Her videos were also not light-hearted banters; she spoke about heavy topics like the universe, religion, conspiracy theories, mental illness, and DEATH!

Those of you who have not seen the videos might not relate when I say videos got weirder. So let me give you just a glimpse of what the TikToker Gabbie Hannah had in store for us. Gabbie’s videos ranged from emotionally exciting videos of her saying “HELP ME” to her screaming “WAKE THE F*** UP”. If you think throwing an emotional tantrum is all she did then you are mistaken as in one of the videos she claims she is the archangel Gabriel, and in another, a dancing Gabbie Hannah claimed she died and went to heaven. 

Gabbie hanna concerns fans

Source: The Tab

Some of her concerned followers got in touch with the authorities and we got to know about this from Gabbie herself. In one of the last videos, she explained her interaction with the cops when they came to her house to complete a wellness check.

After the incident, there was no response from Gabbie regarding the concerns of her fans and followers, But recently TikToker has addressed those concerns. Her response touched base on mental illness, she confessed to being bipolar and manic during her 100 video stint. She further added that it was her first time experiencing a manic state and she experienced it in real-time with all her followers. 

Another video of Gabbie that got a lot of eyeballs was when she let a stranger named Nick into her house who wanted to use the bathroom and in the following video where she was kicking out the stranger. This video scared a lot of fans, Gabbie acknowledged the incident and responded by explaining how shaken up she was after the incident. To be honest I am glad she is fine but then again I am curious to know what exactly happened between letting “Nick” in and kicking him out. 

Gabbie Hanna addresses her concerned fans

Source: Narcity

Gabbie also talked about her interaction with the cops and explained how at first it was confusing for her as he thought the police wanted to talk to her regarding the incident with the stranger. Everything got clarified pretty soon but one thing that got baffled is when she brought up the topic of lack of internal communication and how she is a target of the police now. I really did not understand what Gabbie was trying to explain there. If any of you know what’s up with that maybe you leave a comment down that’ll give me a better explanation.

Gabbie also talked about her spirituality and how she is looking to go into therapy again and she is looking for a therapist that will not invalidate her spirituality. I personally think it’s good she is seeking help but let us know in the comments below what you think about this entire ordeal. 

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