Publication date March 16, 2023

Jimmy Kimmel's 5 funniest moments that made Oscars 2023 memorable!

I was totally hyped for the Oscars 2023. I mean I try not to miss the Academy Awards but this time around it was extra special. And I know I am not the only one hyped up for the Oscars 2023 after all this year’s award ceremony was the follow-up on last year’s infamous incident. Yes, the incident where Chris Rock got his bell rung by Will Smith. So, when I heard Jimmy Kimmel would be hosting the Oscars 2023, I braced myself. Jimmy Kimmel is very funny and I just knew there would be a lot of jokes that will try to bring back the memory of last year’s infamous incident. So did Jimmy Kimmel live up to his expectations? Well, if you are not familiar with the events that took place at the Oscars 2023, then let me tell you this. He totally rocked the show. And here are 6 of the funniest moments from the Oscars 2023.

Definitely not a woman!

Jimmy Kimmel in Oscars 2023

Source: Rolling Stone

Let’s start the list off with a lighter note. So, let’s start with someone who most thought would be nominated, and to everyone’s surprise, he did. That was none other than the director of “Avatar: The Way of Water” James Cameron. And his nomination was not surprising at all and even Jimmy Kimmel seemed to agree with this. 

Referring to the nomination of James Cameron, Kimmel has this to say, “ I mean, how does the Academy not nominate the guy who directed Avatar? What do they think he is, a woman?” like I said we will start with a light friendly banter. And yes Jimmy Kimmel’s light jab at the lack of diversity was definitely the lightest jab of the night.

What about the gang from ‘Babylon’?

No one was safe from Jimmy Kimmel’s wit, not even the star-studded cast of Damien Chazelle’s Babylon. Although the 2022 film had dazzling stars such as Tobey Maguire, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie, the film turned out to be a flop. And taking a dig at that Jimmy said, “There are some things that movies can do that TV just can’t. For example, a TV show can’t lose $100m.” Yikes, talk about being right on the money. No pun intended!


The entertainment industry and social media are all about trends. And this time around it's Ozempic that has claimed the recent position in Hollywood as the new wonder drug. For those who don’t know, Ozempic is a diabetes drug and has gained popularity in the entertainment industry as a weight loss method. Poking at the new wonder drug Jimmy Kimmel had this to say, “everybody looks so great. When I look around this room, I can’t help but wonder ‘Is Ozempic right for me?’”

No man, woman, or donkey is safe!

Certainly, no man or woman is safe from Jimmy Kimmel’s sharp wit but he did not even spare a donkey. Yes, I’m referring to Jenny the donkey from Banshees of Inisherin. Well, it was not a shot at the emotional support donkey but Jimmy did extend a courtesy saying,” If you are feeling upset or anxious or just love mules, feel free to give her a hug.” Oh well, we can chalk it up to a sweet moment from the Oscars 2023.

Oscar for the Best Actor!

The best moment of the night definitely came when Jimmy Kimmel brought up the incident when his predecessor Chris Rock was at the receiving end of a slap from Will Smith. Bringing up the incident Jimmy Kimmel said, “We want you to have fun, feel safe, and, most importantly, we want me to feel safe.”

That was just the tip of the iceberg, Jimmy just became funnier as the bit went ahead. He explained the new policy which was against any act of violence. Jimmy explained,” If anyone in this theater commits an act of violence at any point during the show, you will be awarded the Oscar for best actor and permitted to give a 19-minute long speech.” Well, it was clear Jimmy was going to squeeze every ounce of last year’s Will Smith incident. But what I found the funniest was when he said, “If anything unpredictable or violent happens during the show, sit there and do absolutely nothing. Maybe even give the assailant a hug.” These lines really made the Oscars 2023 memorable for me. 

What was your favorite moment from the Oscars in 2023? Comment down below.

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