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Say Yes to the Dress Season 21 is already ripe with controversies - here’s what happened in episode 2

Say Yes To The Dress is back on TLC with its 21st season and it’s already buzzing. The second episode was especially juicy that featured the bride Kayla with her mom and her uncle in her entourage. Well if you didn’t know, the second episode of Say Yes To The Dress Season 21 was titled “ Is Anyone Even Listening to Me?” The title alone was enticing enough for me to grab a big tub of popcorn and watch the whole episode.

Like any other bride, the 30-year-old Kayla is looking for the wedding dress of her dreams that will make her big day a very special one. But there is just one problem, her entourage has a different opinion on what the perfect outfit should be. Kayla wanted something form-fitting and was leaning towards a fit-and-flare but her entourage had a different opinion. Kayla’s mom and uncle wanted her to be like a Disney princess on her big day and so they wanted a ballgown for her.

Say Yes to the Dress Season 21 is already ripe with controversies - here’s what happened in episode 2

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It was clear Kayla’s entourage was determined to see her in a ball gown on her wedding day and nearly pushed Kayla to the verge of breaking down. But the episode got its very accurate title when Kayla saw the Say Yes To The Dress consultant bringing ballgowns over. And following that Kayla went on to ask a question that frankly would have asked too if I was in her shoes “Is anyone even listening to me?” and that was just the beginning of all the drama.

Frustration setting in!

If I am honest at that point I was feeling a little sad for Kayla, I mean what could be worse than getting your fitting hijacked by your family. One thing was evident Kayla’s uncle can be a very persuasive man. After all, he swayed the consultant towards a huge ballgown. And when I say huge I mean it. The first thought I had when I saw the dress was how does anyone even move around in that thing? And guess what my institutions were right on the money as Kayla herself told her mom and her uncle that she can barely walk in it. But Kayla’s entourage loved it, well she was looking rather stunning in that dress but unfortunately, the dress was really not practical for a July wedding.

Kayla was very frustrated and the reason was simple: she just wanted to be heard. Although her uncle claimed the dress had the wow factor he was looking for, Kayla retaliated and had her mind set on trying out a fit-and-flare for her next dress. She finally got the chance to try out the fit-and-flare that she loved. But when she walked out the response was not exactly what she was expecting from her entourage. Both her mother and her uncle started laughing which if you ask me was a little insensitive in my opinion. Her uncle went one step further and made a statement saying it looked like she was ready to flap and swim away. Yikes!

Will there be a compromise?

After the not-so-nice response to the dress she loved, Kayla went back to the fitting room to try on a final ball gown. But considering the day she had, it was obvious this was the last trial of the day. That is when the Say Yes To The Dress consultant came to save the “fitting” day. He put her in a gorgeous ball gown with a long trail that had glitter all the way down and a marvelous side lace cutout. But most importantly the dress was not too heavy. This was a ballgown that stole Kayla's heart. But I wanted to see how her uncle and mother would react to this stunning ballgown.

Kayla’s entourage did not disappoint her mother was awestruck and her uncle broke into tears. I was sure this was the end of Kayla’s search for the perfect dress but Kayla wanted to try out a final fit-and-flare one before she made her final decision. 

So what will it be?

For the final dress, the consultant chose a glittery fit-and-flare dress. As Kayla watched herself in that fit-and-flare dress she was mesmerized. But there could be only one. Not exactly! Kayla suggested a win-win situation. The suggestion was simple: the ballgown for the ceremony and the fit-and-flare for the reception. To my surprise, Kayla’s uncle was quick to agree to the suggestion but it was her mother that required quite the convincing. But in the end, it all came together and left Kayla in tears of joy.

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