Publication date September 8, 2022

The Amazing Selena Gomez and Gordon Ramsay Selena + Chef Episode on HBO

Happy news for fans of "Selena + Chef"! The fourth episode of this popular HBO Max series is now on the streaming service. This time, Selena Gomez and her cooking friends are in Malibu cooking up a storm.

If the house looks familiar, it's because you watched "Hannah Montana" when you were young. Yes, Selena Gomez learned how to cook in the same house where Miley Stewart used to live when she was on the famous Disney Channel show.

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So far this season, Gomez has cooked a romantic meal for her grandparents with the help of Rachael Ray, and Nick DiGiovanni has taught her how to serve homemade pasta inside a giant wheel of cheese. In the last episode of Season 4, a star from Texas got her first cooking lesson in person from none other than Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay, a well-known British chef, is known for losing his temper in the kitchen. Selena Gomez is the host of a show on HBO where top chefs teach her how to cook. What do you get when you put them both together? That's right, Ramsay yells instructions at Gomez at breakneck speed, and it's pretty funny to watch him try and fail to keep up. It's cute, no question.

Gordon Ramsay might not have called Selena Gomez an "idiot sandwich," but in the next episode of Selena + Chef, he's still a harsh critic.

This week, the star of Only Murders in the Building has the host of Kitchen Nightmares on her HBO Max show Selena + Chef as a guest chef. People has an exclusive clip of the pair's heated arguments in the kitchen that will only be shown on Thursday's episode.

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Source: People

In a Selena + Chef clip that was posted on Twitter, Ramsay and Gomez are trying to cook steaks. Ramsay tells Gomez it's time to put the meat on the pan and tells her, "Let's go, you're late, please." But when she gets to the stove, she doesn't know which of the four pans she should use. Ramsay is annoyed and says, "Farthest pan away means farthest pan away." So Gomez puts the steak on the back left burner in the nonstick pan. "Wrong F---ing pan, that's my non-stick pan for potatoes" She moves the steak to another pan, a little frantic now, but unfazed by the insults! After finally getting her first ribeye on the right pan, she's late again. In the video, chaos breaks out as Ramsay says, "Next one in" over and over while Gomez keeps looking tense. After the chef tells her several times what she needs to do, the actress finally gets it and puts a second ribeye in the pan. Ramsay, meanwhile, runs out of the kitchen and yells through a window, "Next one! Next one please" " For F--k sake someone helps me" Gomez and her longtime friend Raquelle Stevens start laughing out loud at what Ramsay says. We applaud Selena for being such a sport and laughing off the situation!

In August, HBO Max showed the first episode of Gomez's fourth season of Selena + Chef. Selena Gomez learns how to cook from Kristen Kish, Rachael Ray, Nick DiGiovanni, and others this season. She also gets yelled at by Gordon Ramsay. Unlike celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Chrissy Teigen, Brooklyn Beckham, etc., who write their cookbooks and host their cooking shows right away, it's nice to see a celebrity host a cooking show in a way that we can all relate to, like crumbling when given too many instructions at once.

In previous episodes and seasons, the guest chefs joined virtually and helped Gomez, but Ramsay gives the star her first lesson in person.

When he tells the "Lose You to Love Me" singer to put the ribeye steak in a pan, the clip shows for the first time how angry the Hell's Kitchen host can be. 

This is not a new way for the chef to teach. He is known for giving feedback on cooking videos on TikTok and his TV shows. The founder of Rare Beauty doesn't miss a beat during his roast and fires back at Ramsay with "What the f—?"

Watch the full episode, for there will be more swearing, laughing, and cooking. There will also be information about Ramsay's favorite charity!

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