Publication date September 6, 2022

The rise and downfall of the controversial TikTok star Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate has been the talk of the town and not for the right reasons. The former kickboxing champion has been under fire for violent and misogynistic comments online. If you are on social media you must have seen Andrew Tate or heard about him. The man was literally everywhere, but once you start listening to him, that’s when you realize how disturbing his views are. Andrew Tate has said things like “Women belong in the home, can’t drive, and are a man’s property”, and this is not even the worst to come out of Andrew Tate’s mouth. I saw one of his videos that disturbed me to my core. In the video, Andrew was saying “It bangs out the machete, boom in her face and grip her by the neck. Shut up bitch”, and that’s not all. He said this while visually acting out how he would beat up a lady if she accused him of cheating.

How in the world did he get so famous?

After watching a few of Andrew’s videos I was really curious, but I couldn’t figure out how in the world he got so famous. And you will be shocked to know in July Andrew Tate was searched more times than Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump. I was really shocked to know this guy who thinks “women are property of men '' is more searched than the former president. 

I was really curious to know how a man that I have never heard of is all of a sudden everywhere. I just chalked it up to luck but the Observer found some evidence that showed Andrew Tate’s rise to fame was all thanks to social media campaigns. Followers of the so-called “self-help guru” chose his most controversial clips and flooded the internet with filth for maximum views. 

Andrew Tate has his own private online academy called Hustler’s University. He leveraged the followers of the “university” and with a web of fake accounts, Andrew Tate fooled TikTok’s algorithm.

Who are these people that are listening to him?

Andrew Tate banned from social media

Source: GINX Esports TV

Although I could not get exact data on Tate’s audience, mainly because most of his videos were shared or uploaded from “fan accounts”. But Andrew himself describes his audience as young. To be honest it is really scary to think the younger generation is being influenced by the likes of Andrew Tate.

The younger generation is not just influenced by him, they have also made him millions of pounds. Thousands of people now pay him £39 every month to be a part of Hustler's University. But what could this guy possibly teach them? Hustler’s University claims to teach its students strategies around wealth creation. Andrew Tate promised his followers that by enrolling in his university they can learn strategies by which they can have a huge passive income. I guess his promises were sweet enough to fool thousands. 

What do the other internet personalities think of the self-help guru?

Many internet personalities and celebrities have spoken up against Andrew Tate and the views he shared online. Joe Rogan is one of those personalities who spoke about Andrew Tate’s ban. Joe Rogan brought up the topic on the episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, while the UFC commentator believes not all of Tate’s message was negative but there is no doubt the blatant misogynistic comments got him in trouble.

Pokimane also spoke about the topic when she appeared on Ethan Klein’s H3 podcast. She quoted “ To me, it just made me really sad because I thought as internet users, we had kind of moved past this sort of talk, this sort of misogyny, this sort of rhetoric.”

But has Andrew Tate realized what the problem is?

After being banned from several social media channels Andrew Tate shared his views on the ban and shockingly he does not think it’s a good idea. Furthermore, a spokesperson for Andrew Tate spoke about the ban and tried to turn the tables. Apparently according to Andrew Tate’s spokesperson men are encouraged to be honest about their feelings and then they are ridiculed for their honest opinion. Way to play the victim card.

Andrew Tate’s team firmly believes “Removing Tate’s voice doesn’t allow for a kinder hate-free society” but let us know in the comments what you think about it.

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