Publication date November 21, 2021

10 Dermatologist-Recommended Superfoods for Beautiful Skin

healthy food for better skin

The wise say you are what you eat – and your skin definitely seems to agree. While we do believe what matters is what’s on the inside, it doesn’t hurt to glow wherever you go. Envision joining your college friends for a reunion, and making an entrance looking younger than ever – isn’t that a dream? A beautiful, plump, and glowing skin is every woman and man’s dream, and rightfully so!

Our skin replenishes by shedding the older cells every month nourished by the food you consume. So, it’s scientifically proven that beauty starts from within – before you get caught up in a whirlwind of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and what nots… give this piece a read and make simple diet changes to glow from within.

Sweet Potato

The vibrant hue of a sweet potato makes your dinner plate look more appetizing, but that’s not the only purpose it serves. The unique vegetable contains an antioxidant called carotene which paints various veggies and gives it the color we see. Similarly, the vegetable also works wonders on your skin complexion in that it protects the skin from sun damage.

Tip: Retain the skin of the potato for an added dose of fiber.


Flaunting a lustrous skin has never been easier, all you gotta do is include salmon in your diet! Salmon has one of the highest concentrations of omega-2 fatty acids that supplement the skin with nutrition that reduces the body’s secretion of inflammatory substances which in turn unclogs clogged pores and prevents them, averts fine lines and wrinkles – the biggest enemies of a plump skin.

Pro tip: Stack up your salmon supplies and freeze them, so you don’t create excuses to break your new regimen.


Snapper is a tropical fish that also contains a rich concentration of anti-inflammatory fats along with posing another skin elixir called the mineral selenium. According to Sue Moores, RD, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, “Selenium has the ability to reduce the risk of sunburn and promote an even skin tone.” If you’re still not convinced, get this – the fish itself boasts a beautiful sheen, so much so that the restaurants that serve Snappers serve the fillets skin side up to bring a shining appeal to the delicacy.

Pro tip: Bake the fish in olive oil with a tinge of chopped almonds – your skin will be thanking you by staying beautiful for years.


An unsung hero and advocate of healthy skin is Kiwi. This peculiar sweet treat comes fully packed with vitamin C, in fact more than any other fruit. On the other hand, vitamin C is the torchbearer of collagen which is what keeps the skin firm. However, collagen rapidly evaporates when exposed to air, heat or water. Kiwi locks in the juicy benefits beneath its furry skin and is your best bet at capturing collagen from an outside source.

Pro tip: To avoid the hassle, cut the ends of a kiwi first before peeling.

Sunflower Seed

Ever wish you could just stop the timer and ageing skin? Well, that’s impossible but you can definitely slow it down a bit. Pop in some sunflower seeds in your diet (tastes best with yogurt) for a younger-looking skin. The seeds provide vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that holds back the cells responsible for ageing, in turn letting you savour the sweetness of youth for a Lil longer. Vitamin E is also said to lighten scars and pigmentation on skin.

Pro tip: Clueless about how to include sunflower seed in your diet? Enjoy it with raisins for a perfect combination of sweet and sour. 


Turkey is one of the few meats that’ll actually do you some good, thanks to the high amount of zinc content. “This mineral maintains collagen and elastin fibers that preserve skin’s elasticity and firmness,” says Moores. However, be careful with the way its cooked – If you’re at a regular deli, try out roasted or smoked turkey, flavoured turkey, such as honey turkey or pastrami, contains sugar and salt additives. 

Pro tip: Toss your turkey with spinach leaves instead of going with a sandwich as the former is another ingredient rich in zinc. 


The right amount of water to consume everyday is an on-going debate. Moores says “Our body is 70 to 80 percent water, and if we are not drinking enough, our cells don’t regenerate and remove waste, resulting in a build-up of impurities.” However, it need not always be just water you can spice things up with hot or cold tea - black or green! The peculiar drink does wonders for your skin in terms of keeping acne at bay.

Pro tip: If you like to have chilled tea, fill the ice trays with tea to avoid diluting your tea with regular ice.

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