Publication date November 18, 2023

10 Female Superheroes: More Than Just Pretty Faces

Superheroes are those characters who typically possess superpowers and abilities beyond common people. Being a woman, I love female comics that show how these strong female characters kick everyone’s butts and save the day.

They have proven time and time again that they are the forces to be reckoned with. These strong females have been breaking the records and barriers and inspiring us for years. 

Here, I have compiled a list of the top 10 superheroes who are my favourite DC super women who deserve to be celebrated and prove that you don’t need a cape to be a hero. Let’s begin!

1. Wonder Woman

Without any doubt, Wonder Woman is the greatest and the best female superhero ever created. She knows no defeat and she keeps on fighting until the end.

Wonder Woman

Source: ThePopVerse

When considering her powers, she is the best among all the other female superheroes, not because of her physical abilities, but because of her strong will and determination. 

The melee abilities she is having are impossible to beat and her status of being a warrior simply means that she knows all the manners of combat. This makes her one of the most mighty and powerful heroes in the DC Universe.

2. Power Girl

Power Girl has all the powers that are mentioned for her counterpart. Her most prominent asset is the fact that she is from an alternate universe which simply means that the liability of Kryptonite doesn’t work on her.

Power Girl

Source: AIPTComics

This means that she doesn’t have any specific weakness and can take out her enemies without any fear of retaliation. In some cases and situations, Power Girl has the ability of telekinesis which is not possessed by either a Supergirl or a Superman.

3. Stafire

There are some people who underestimate Starfire because of her very innocent nature, but they don’t understand that they are making a mistake as she is one of the most powerful Teen Titans.



Starfire is able to absorb all the attacks against her on a constant basis and has access to rampant levels of energy.

She is able to fly at super speeds and can cross the galaxies in a few seconds. She can never be weakened due to lack of rest, water, or food because her energy production balances the requirement for these resources.

4. Supergirl

She is another DC super women who is commonly known as the kid cousin of Superman. She has all the powers of her older relative which makes her a destructive force to speculate with.


Source: AmericanXpress

Supergirl is equipped with all the powers of a yellow sun and she can possess super-strength around the same levels as Superman which includes stamina and tremendous strength and speed.

She is slower than the Flash but still, her speed is instantaneous and she can beat most of her opponents. She is susceptible to Kryptonite but with her powers of freeze breath, heat vision, and other powers she can cause severe damage from a notable distance.

5. Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz was not the first person from Earth to get a Power Ring, but with time, she has established that she stands for all those that the Green Lantern Corps is all about.

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

Source: ScreenRant

Initially, Jessica is taken by the Ring of Volthoom which is a parasitic relic that feeds on her anxieties and fears of Jessica. However, just like all the other great Lanterns, she overpowered that ring and became a full-fledged member of the Corps.

Well, Jessica still struggles with stress and anxiety but she found her strength in order to operate her power. Since she became a Green Lantern, Jessica has been crucial in helping the corps to fight back against the worst attacks. 

6. Raven

Raven is the daughter of a demonic entity that makes full use of her wide range of powers that includes astral projection, dark energy, and fear inducement.

She is able to extract herself from her physical body and make use of her soul in order to travel great distances. She is able to absorb wounds on others and heal them.

With the help of her soul, she is able to control the human mind and cast them into darkness. Apart from these, she is able to induce pain in her opponents without coming in contact with them.

7. Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle

Jesse Chambers is the offspring of two strong Golden Age cool superheroes, i.e., The speedster Johnny Quick and the super-strong Liberty Belle. She has inherited both traits from her parents which makes her one of the standout members of the Flash family.

Liberty Belle

Source: Reddit

When the Earth came under attack by an alien army at the time of the One-Minute War, Jesse’s strength and not her speed was the crucial thing that helped to turn the tide away in the favour of the Flash family.

8. Hawkgirl

She has the typical powers that no one can expect, i.e., super strength, speed, and durability. She has a unique ability to be magic-resistant.


Source: ComicBasics

She can use her mace to nullify attacks from someone as insanely powerful as Doctor Fate. She has the ability to fly swiftly and make use of her super-strength in order to make her mace more powerful and strong.

9. Ice

Tora Olafsdotter also known as Ice is one-half of the du, i.e., Fire and Ice, two members of Justice League International which is the most curious incarnation of the League.


Source: ComicVine

Ice is typically portrayed as a kind and sweet individual who also has an incredible amount of power. Ice has complete mastery over snow, frigid, and icy temperatures as she has metahuman powers.

Tora is able to do anything from creating light flurries to outright blizzards. However, she can easily lose her control over her powers which makes her a potential danger to her allies and enemies.

10. Mera

For all of us, a Tsunami is a serious danger but for Mera, being the greatest superhero of all time, a tsunami is like jumping into a pool.



She is completely resistant to all the water-based attacks and she can easily breathe underwater as she has super speed in this realm. She is just like a water goddess in the female comics.

With all these top 10 superheroes, we come to know that not only men but also women are there to save the world from the devastating villains. 

This female superhero list with pictures tells us to overcome our fears by facing them and become strong girls so that the entire world can know about us.

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