Publication date July 26, 2023

10 Must Try Milkshakes Better Than Grimace Shake

Mcdonald's lovers must have had the limited edition Grimace shake last month during its release to celebrate the 52nd birthday of Grimace, the most abominable character and one of the earliest mascots of McDonald's. Since then this purple-looking shake( just like Grimace) went viral on Tiktok where thousands of netizens pretended to be dead or possessed after drinking this milkshake.  

Grimace Shake

Source: UPROXX

What flavor is the Grimace shake?

Grimace is a character created by McDonald’s. You will always spot him with a milkshake in his hands. That's because he is intended to be an evil character who steals others' milkshakes. Grimace shake looks purple in color just like him and is made of blueberry flavor. 

Is the Grimace shake still available? 

No, it was a limited edition shake that was only available in the month of June, 2023. Whether you have tried the Grimace shake or not, we have got ten must-try milkshakes that are even better than Grimace’s birthday shake. So, no more dread over missing out on this viral shake.

Awful Awful Chocolate 

Grimace shake and more

Source: Atlas Obscura

Nobody is too old to have a chocolate shake and what’s better than having an awfully big and awfully good chocolate shake. You will find this shake at Newport Creamery in Rhode Island Massachusetts locations. Just in case you happen to be in Rhode Island or Massachusetts do stop by this shop and have that sinful indulgence.

White Russian

Grimace shake and more

Source: The Kitchn

Stanley Restaurant in New Orleans offers milkshakes that are unique and only for adults. Out of their menu White Russian is quite a hit and what makes it hit is the homemade vanilla ice cream with vodka and Kahlua that is topped on your regular milkshake. Star ingredients for a nostalgic bunch of adults who love and miss their childhood and milkshakes.

Purple Vanilla

Grimace shake and more

Source: Order Online

If Grimace Shake was a miss for you or you missed it accidentally, don't worry there is another similar or better milkshake for your taste buds. Purple Vanilla is not made of blueberries but with a creamy concoction of Yarnell’s Arkansas vanilla ice cream flavored with grape juice. It has that sweet and refreshing flavor. And, don’t worry it's not going anywhere yet. You can find this at the Purple Cow in Little Rock and other Arkansas cities. 

Mountain Mud Slide

Grimace shake and more

Source: Tillamook

If we could take a flight just to go to a milkshake shop and have a milkshake then we would take one for Mountain Mud Slide that you can get at The Corner Shop in West Virginia. The Corner Shop gives the vibe of an old-style picturesque 19th-century milkshake shop that all aesthetic place lovers would fall for. All the more, the Mountain Mud Slide is their top-selling milkshake. 

Cotton Candy Kolossal Milkshake 

Grimace shake and more

Source: OnlyInYourState

A milkshake that looks like a whole dessert and comes in colors you haven't seen before, more like pretty shades of unicorns. Yes, this milkshake is not your regular milkshake. It’s topped with chocolates, biscuits, fruits, swirling lollipops, cotton candy, and even a whole lot of cake. Make sure you visit this iconic place named K&J Elegant Pastries in Alabaster. 

Lemon Drop Show Stopper Shake

Grimace shake and more

Source: Pinterest

We were not lying when we told you that you will come across some of the amazing milkshakes that you could not have imagined but exist. Who would have thought that milkshakes come in the flavor of Lemon? Well, this one here is even topped with lemony sugar sticks, lemon meringue pie, and a madeleine. Want to have this milkshake? Stop at ZuZu’s in Scottsdale. 

Sea Salt Cloud Shake 

Grimace shake and more

Source: Lovefood

Don’t be taken aback by the name of this milkshake. Sea salt-cloud shake not just looks dreamy but is also delightful. Coming in light pastel color, it is a treat to both the eyes and tongue. It comes topped with pop rocks and sprinkles.

Chocolate from Maryland, Baltimore

Grimace shake and more

Source: Lovefood

Simple and rich milkshakes sworn by celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri should be on your list if you even call yourself a food aficionado. The good old simple and rich milkshakes haven't gone anywhere, in case you are wondering why we have not covered the classics yet. Made with three scoops of ice cream and dolloped with cream it comes in various flavors. The chocolate flavor is an instant hit in this old Baltimore Broadway Diner. 

Coffee Bourbon Milkshake 

Grimace shake and more

Source: Pass The Sushi

Some like coffee, some like chocolate, and then, there are some who like Bourbon spiked into coffee milkshakes. Spiked milkshakes seem to have taken the Americans by storm. To know why, you have to try this coffee bourbon milkshake at Rosebud American Kitchen and Bar in Somerville.  

S’mores Concrete 

Grimace shake and more

Source: Salty Canary

If you want a denser milkshake that doesn’t fall from your glass even if you tried to spill it, then you should come to Ted Drews in St. Louis. This concocted milkshake is inspired by summer camp and has different flavors. Their milkshakes are generously garnished with marshmallows and graham crackers as if the “concrete” wasn’t already enough. 

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