Publication date October 19, 2023

10 Quick and Easy Meals for College Students

As a college student, with a hectic schedule, you may forget how important it is to eat healthy food timely. 

Healthy greens breakfast

Source: Medibank

And many students mostly think that healthy meals are too expensive than the cheaper and unhealthy food from fast-food restaurants or supermarkets. 

But the truth is there are plenty of healthy meals for college students that are cheap, easier to make, and delicious 

Whether you study at a traditional college or are doing a degree entirely online, eating healthy food is an important part of a student’s life. 

In this blog, I put together 10 quick and easy meals for college students that you will be able to afford as well as able to make with no difficulty.

1. Avocado Toast

Making an Avocado toast can be easy as well as healthy for you. 

Its benefits such as being low in saturated fat and high in valuable nutrients, like vitamin K, potassium, folate, and vitamin C make Avocado Toast a superfood for college students.

It is best to make it in breakfast to get some energy in the morning but you can also make it as a snack too. 

All you need to do is simply make some toast and spread some fresh avocado on top, you can also put some sliced tomatoes or bell pepper on top for some added taste and nutrients. 

2. Sloppy Joes 

Slobby Joes are another really easy-to-make meal for college students and it will taste so much better than the canned version. 

This recipe is also great to make if you have a slow cooker and while you are in class.  By the time you come to your hostel or home, your dinner will be ready. 

And the best part of making this meal is that you don’t need to buy any extra ingredients from the market, you can easily make it in the house. 

Also, it’s not a hundred ingredients meal so it is fast to make. 

3. Veggie Omelet

Veggie Omelet

Source: The Spruce Eats

Eating a Veggie Omelet can be a great way to get protein in your diet and it is one of the cheap meals for college students.

It is easier to make also, all you need to do is whisk up the eggs in a bowl, add the spinach, and fry together in the pan. Next, just add a piece of whole-grain toast and you are good to go. 

You can also add some additional veggies to that omelet and you get yourself a nutrient-packed breakfast that will keep you full until the next meal.

4. Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken

Moving forward in the list of easy meals for college students with wonderful Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken meal. 

If you are a chicken lover, then this dish is perfect for you. 

This chicken with garlic and Parmesan cheese is baked until golden and crispy for the easiest chicken dish ever. 

Just by using a few handy ingredients you can make a delicious main dish of a day. You can serve it with a salad, pasta, or rice for a quick, scrumptious dinner. 

5. Taco Casserole

Taco Casserole

Source: Delish

You should definitely try this easiest Taco Casserole meal if want to make something super quick for your lunch or dinner.

To make this meal, you need vegetarian chili, or regular chili, shredded chicken, some other veggies, and chees. You can also add any additional ingredients you want easily. 

It will be a great meal for your friends too, so just invite them for dinner and serve this delicious Taco Casserole. And it is also super customizable, so your friends can load it up with their favorite toppings. 

I’m sure after this dinner they are going to be really excited for the next taco night as well. 

6. Veggie and Hummus Sandwich

then this warm, yummy, and veggie sandwich is the perfect option for you. 

It is also super easy and something you can make frequently.  For this recipe, just grab some handy ingredients such as slices of sprouted whole grain bread, hummus, and a few slices of cucumber, tomato, avocado, and carrots. 

Now, toast your bread, spread it on the hummus, layer the veggies, and enjoy your yummy veggie and Hummus Sandwich. 

7. Philly Steak Sandwich

Philly Steak Sandwich

Source: Epicurious

If you don’t feel like eating a fully veggie meal then you can go for this easy Philly Steak Sandwich that is loaded with both meat and veggies. 

Just fry your meat and veggies, layer them on rolls with cheese, and broil them in the oven until the cheese is melted. 

You can also buy a steak that is already pre-cut to save some extra time. 

8. Quick and Easy Goulash


Source: Budgetbytes

This hearty goulash is a perfect meal after a tiring college day because it only takes 30 minutes to prepare. 

Some people like to use Italian sausage instead of ground beef and recommend pre-cooking the onion with the meat, but you can make it according to your preferences.

9. Ramen Noodle Soup

Ramen Noodle Soup

Source: Hip Foodie Mom

If you are a noodles lover then take your ramen noodle to the next level with this soup. Just add frozen vegetables, an egg, and chicken to make this ramen soup a healthier meal. 

After eating this delicious soup you will be like "Wow! I had never thought to add all this goodness to ramen. 

You can use some handy veggies, you can put some fresh spinach in the bottom of your bowl before adding soup. 

I have to say again but this is such a fast, easy meal and perfect for your college time when you are in a time crunch but still need to eat. 

10. Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

Source: Hellofresh

If you have some leftover chicken and don’t know what to do with it, then try this chicken salad. It is one of the great healthy and easy meals for college students to enjoy.

The chicken gives you the boost of protein and the salad provides you with all the nutrients your body is craving.

Here is a quick recipe for your chicken salad:  Take a few pieces of chicken, lettuce, or other greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, some avocado pieces, and an olive oil and lemon salad dressing. That's it,  your healthy meal is ready in just a few minutes to enjoy!

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