Publication date October 13, 2023

10 Signs an Emotionally Unavailable Man is in Love With You

An emotionally unavailable man can love you, but you won't feel loved. He can serenade you, but you may not feel supported by him. He can be a good listener, and yet may not make you feel seen or understood. An emotionally unavailable man can commit to you but might fail to deliver what he says. An emotionally unavailable man may exhibit signs that he is in love with you, although it can be challenging to discern due to his tendency to keep his emotions guarded.

10 Signs an Emotionally Unavailable Man is in Love With You

Source: Happier Human

Here are ten signs that may suggest an emotionally unavailable man is in love with you

Increased Emotional Openness

Holding a guard against the heart can be one of the common signs of an emotionally unavailable man trying to love you. But, if he has started letting his guard down then definitely know that it's a sign he loves you. An emotionally unavailable man may gradually become more open and expressive about his feelings. While this change can be subtle, it may indicate that he's willing to share more of his emotions with you. 

Increased Communication

An emotionally unavailable man often communicates in a hot and cold manner making it seem like he is not interested. If your man is emotionally unavailable and still is trying to initiate more frequent and meaningful conversations with you, then he loves you. He might share his thoughts, dreams, and experiences in a way he hasn't before. He has opened up with you in every aspect and that has increased the communication between you two. 

Initiates Quality Time

Generally, an emotionally unavailable man only plans and initiates dates in a calculative manner. But, recently if you have seen a change in him being more generous with his time and efforts then he has fallen in love with you. He starts making an effort to spend quality time with you. This may include planning dates, trips, or special activities that show he values your presence in his life. 


An emotionally unavailable man keeps his guard on, he has not shared anything about his past and is aloof in general. One sign of love is he starts opening up with you and begins to share his secrets and more. He begins to share his vulnerabilities and insecurities with you, showing trust in your emotional support and understanding. From not being able to get the basic information about him to him sharing the deepest parts of himself in ways he can understand. This change is a sign of him falling for you. 

Increased Physical Affection

An emotionally unavailable man may start showing more physical affection, such as holding hands, hugging, or cuddling, as a way of expressing his feelings. His body language may show you that he loves you but he won't be able to show it through actions, if he is emotionally unavailable and a genuine person at the end of the day. But, in case his physical gestures have increased recently, it's a good sign he is in love with you.

Supportive Behavior

An emotionally unavailable man generally comes off closed and appears to be non-supportive. When he falls in love with you, you can see his support through his actions and not just words. It is very clear in his body language. He becomes more supportive of your goals and aspirations. He may actively encourage your personal growth and be genuinely interested in your well-being.

Acts of Service

Acts of service is one of the sweetest love languages. If a man is emotionally unavailable there is no way he would do or want to do things for you. A man wants to do things for you, wants to solve the problems for you, and be of some use to you in his own capacity. If recently he has started showing his love through actions then he may go out of his way to help and support you, whether it's running errands for you when you're busy or doing kind gestures that show his love and care. 

Future Planning

A man who is not emotionally open won't talk about his future plans and won't include you openly in these discussions. But if he has fallen in love with you then he starts including you in his future plans and discusses long-term commitments, such as moving in together, getting married, or having a family.

Active Listening

Initially an emotionally unavailable man won't be able to listen to you because he is not in touch with his own emotions. But if he starts opening up and becomes a better listener and is genuinely interested in understanding your thoughts and feelings, even if they differ from his own, and respects your feelings, then he is genuinely falling for you.

Acknowledgment of Love

An emotionally unavailable man may verbally express his love for you, albeit cautiously or tentatively, as saying "I love you" is a significant step for someone who is emotionally guarded. He will start professing his love if he sees you are the one he wants to give his heart to, and it starts becoming more and more clear as time passes. 

It's essential to remember that the pace at which an emotionally unavailable person opens up and expresses love can be slower than what you may expect in a more emotionally available partner. Be patient and communicate openly with your partner about your needs and expectations to ensure a healthy and balanced relationship. Additionally, if you believe that your partner's emotional unavailability is causing significant issues in your relationship, consider seeking professional counseling or therapy to address and work through these challenges together.

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