Publication date January 25, 2022

14 Beauty And Wellness Trends That You Need to Embrace In 2022

Over the last decade, we have seen major shifts in wellness, the most significant of which is the emphasis on mental health. And when it comes to beauty trends, we have seen body positivity take the spotlight. While mental health is still going to be a major focus in wellness and body positivity and gender-inclusive makeup is going to dominate beauty trends, there are other trends coming up in the beauty and wellness industry. 

Here, we have covered everything we think is going to boom this year.

DNA-based Treatments

DNA based skin treatments

Source: Keep Health

Although different influences play a role in how you age, the truth is that your genes play the most important role as well as your proclivity for pigmentation and sensitivity. That's why an increasing number of cosmetic companies are focusing on DNA-based skincare, which creates customized treatments based on your genetic composition. Simply submit a DNA sample, and a high-tech online test will gather information about your genetic composition, analyze DNA variants, and transform that knowledge into a personalized skincare regimen.

Body Contouring

Traditional body contouring is still popular, but non-invasive procedures are projected to be all the rage for people looking for similar results without the surgery. Some muscle-sculpting technologies have been improved with a 15-minute no-downtime treatment that can target eight locations at once and produce effects in as little as six weeks.

Scientific Haircare

Haircare has gone mainstream and has become “skinnified”. That is to say, there is a lot more crossover between haircare and skincare these days, especially with the increased emphasis on the scalp (which is also skin, after all). Treatments like platelet-rich plasma, an inside-out approach to haircare (using supplements to help with hair health), and scalp-tox (Botox on the scalp) for sweaty scalps are all on the rise as a result of all the scalp concerns that have arisen during the pandemic, particularly hair loss.


Stargazing has just gotten a whole lot easier. More consumers will paint landscape-style motifs on their digits, notably galaxy nail art and ocean nails. Nail art inspired by geodes, deserts, and constellations is on the rise, especially among millennials.

Wellness Perfumes

Wellness perfumes

Source: Unsplash

The fragrance market is moving to focus on the wearer, rather of the old mindset that we wear smells to make others think we're attractive. These "wellness perfumes" attempt to affect the mood on a more scientific level than aromatherapy. You may have heard about bespoke perfumes that smell like a specific individual and aid memory recall. Other brands specialize in perfumes that use unique neuroscience technology to tap into different sections of the wearer's brain and produce mood-altering effects.

Focus on Immunity

Focus on Immunity

Source: The Bridge

After experiencing a pandemic, we believe we have a greater appreciation for our immune systems. More wellness choices will emphasize improving immunity while also utilizing options that do not expose us to potentially harmful germs. We also expect mindfulness and meditation to become more widespread as a result of various apps available on the Play Store and App Store.

Bakuchiol Will Gain More Popularity

Bakuchiol exploded in popularity in 2021, and the retinol substitute will become even more prevalent in the coming year. Bakuchiol is an extract of the Babchi plant that has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine and is one of the few retinol replacements known for its anti-aging and skin lightening pseudo-retinol properties. Bakuchiol appears to stimulate the same genes that regulate collagen and elastin formation that retinol does, but without the irritation that retinol causes.

Ayurveda Will Become More Mainstream

Ayurvedic herbs will continue to be prominently shown on skincare labels. Specifically, Ayurvedic herbs with scientifically proven advantages. An adaptogenic herb like ashwagandha, for example, has been clinically demonstrated to lower cortisol levels, a major hormone involved in stress. Adaptogens like ashwagandha and Gotu kola can also work together to reduce hyperpigmentation.



Source: Oui Shave

Never go out of style with ingredients that keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, and protected. Because plant-based squalane is a highly effective moisturizer and niacinamide (vitamin B3) can assist enhance skin barrier function and suppleness, strong emollients like squalane and antioxidants like niacinamide will remain popular ingredients.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Source: The List

Gua sha is a form of traditional Chinese medicine in which a stone instrument is used to massage the skin. Gua sha can improve circulation, drain fluids from the skin, and sculpt, firm, tighten, and restore your skin's natural radiance and vitality with regular practice.

Glossy Blow-dry

We anticipate that the glossy blow-dry will make a comeback, replacing the more loose and beachy waves seen last year. Hair that is full-bodied, shiny, and glam is coming back in style. The hot brush is your go-to at-home tool for massive blow dries since it makes them foolproof.

Space Buns

Space buns

Source: Curl Centric

Space buns will come back in 2022, and they'll be bigger than ever. Y2K-inspired looks aren't going away for good. People will celebrate their natural texture with large hair-styling techniques, such as sectioning hair into two or more space buns and high puff hairstyles taking center stage.

Male Grooming

Male grooming

Source: Unsplash

Male-marketed cosmetics and grooming are on the increase, with global sales anticipated to reach $81 billion by 2024. As the male beauty standards shift, there is a greater emphasis on self-care for men, as well as product options that can help them feel more empowered. Male celebs are following suit, with Harry Styles launching the unisex cosmetics brand Pleasing to "dispel the notion of a binary existence," and Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Yachty, and AJ McLean all launching nail polish lines.

Transparency About Ingredients

According to surveys, skincare products that promote ingredient transparency are becoming more popular. Biodegradable and sustainable claims are no longer optional—they're a must. Consumers, understandably, want to know what's in their products. As a result of the increased pressure, corporations are moving toward more environmentally friendly methods, whether through packaging, formulations, or lowering their carbon impact. The prevailing opinion is that anything that harms the environment must be canceled.

Which of these trends will you be following this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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