Publication date February 13, 2024

30+ Hilarious Memes for Those Avoiding Valentine's Day Drama

valentine's day funny memes

Love is in the air...and so are a million awkward encounters, overpriced roses, and enough heart-shaped chocolates to last a lifetime. Whether you're happily coupled, desperately single, or somewhere in between the "Netflix and chill" spectrum, Valentine's Day can be a rollercoaster of emotions.

If you’re single and trying to avoid all the melody drama posts, spend a little time with these funny memes and celebrate how glorious it is that you get to wear sweats and don’t need to buy those expensive dresses, have compete control of remote and also get to finish off that bottle of wine. 

So without any delay let’s dive into this hilarious meme collection and join the party where avoiding Valentine's Day drama becomes an art form. From relatable Valentine's Day funny memes to Valentine's Day memes for her, get ready for a laugh-a-minute fest that'll have you saying, "Cheers to self-love and avoiding overpriced dinners!"

1. Valentine's Day Chemistry

Valentine's Day Chemistry

2. Already got reservation for Valentine’s day 

Already got reservation for Valentine’s day

3.  Savvy plan

Savvy plan

4. This Will Be Fun

This Will Be Fun

5. Pizza for one, please.

Pizza for one, please.

6. This Reliable Valentine 

This Reliable Valentine

7. Valentine's Day funny memes, Be Realistic

 Be Realistic

8. My Valentine’s Plans Are Set

My Valentine’s Plans Are Set

9. A perfect Date 

A perfect Date

10. Looking Like a Snack

Looking Like a Snack

11. This breaking update

This breaking update

12. Your milk has a date but you don’t 

Your milk has a date but you don’t

13. Sounds like a perfect plan 

Sounds like a perfect plan

14. Facts 


15. Stuffed tissues up not to notice the “fragnance of love” 

ragnance of love

16. The Real Deal

The Real Deal

17. Wow! Who did that?

Wow! Who did that?

18. True Love

True Love

19. Valentine’s day meme for her 

Valentine’s day meme for her

20. Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self

21. The Unfortunate Shift 

The Unfortunate Shift

22. Wait....What??


23. The Encouraging Sign 

The Encouraging Sign

24. Because you’re independent 

Because you’re independent

25. Crush Confessions

Crush Confessions

26. Out of reach 

Out of reach

27. When it’s actually Relatable 

When it’s actually Relatable

28. When Netflix is all you want 

When Netflix is all you want

29. When you’re 100% single 

When you’re 100% single

30. Like For Real 

Like For Real

31.  "Get Me Outta Here Chewie"

Get Me Outta Here Chewie

32. My special valentines day plan 

My special valentines day plan

33. Me and Valentine’s 

Me and Valentine’s

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