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8 Most Epic Gordon Ramsay Feuds Over the Years


Eight notable feuds involving the famous chef Gordon Ramsay. These disputes include confrontations with other renowned chefs like Jamie Oliver, Mario Batali, Jacques Pepin, Marco Pierre White, and others. The reasons for these feuds range from personal disagreements, public criticisms of each other's cooking skills, to disagreements over TV show portrayals and professional conduct. 

Gordon Ramsay is arguably the most famous chef in the world. It was Ramsay’s skills as a chef that brought him to the limelight. There is no doubt Gordon Ramsay is a top chef but it’s not his culinary skills that made him one of the top TV personalities in the food world. His hot temper and colorful vocabulary have brought countless hours of entertainment to his viewers. From shouting at the contestants in Hell’s Kitchen to bashing restaurant owners in Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay has given us many memorable moments. But throughout his career, he has also had many disputes with other chefs. So let us have a look at some of the most epic Gordon Ramsay feuds. 

Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver’s Battle of the Verses

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver

Source: Hello! Magazine

Although Gordon Ramsay has a reputation of being the instigator this time around it was Jamie Oliver with the first blow. Jamie Oliver in an interview with the Sun had some comments about Gordon Ramsay’s statement against an Aussie celebrity. Oliver told the Sun that “It’s never good to criticize a woman, especially when they’re loved by their country and you do it on national television”. After the first blow, Gordon Ramsey was more than willing to fire some shots of his own, criticizing Jamie Oliver’s skills as a chef. Gordon even went far enough to call Jamie a “one-pot wonder”.

This fight between the two top chefs of the UK continued for a few months. But the feud simmered down when Oliver in an interview with the mirror said Tana Ramsay’s cookbooks are far better than any of Gordon’s cookbooks. Gordon may be a hothead but he knew he could not publicly declare he was superior to his wife, blowing up his relationship in the process. 

Gordon Ramsay got Banned

Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsay

Source: Huffpost

This feud between Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsay took place many years before Mario’s downfall from grace. And this feud between Ramsay and Betali played no role in Batali’s downfall. But I must say one thing, Batali fell out with the infamous British chef for a very silly reason, Ramsay made fun of his pants. Back in the day, Mario Batali was famous for wearing bright orange cargo shorts in public. Ramsay found Batali’s orange shorts hilarious and referred to the chef as “Fanta Pants”.  

The name “Fanta Pants” did not sit well with Batali and he decided to ban Gordon Ramsey from all of his restaurants. However, he did leave a window open for reconciliation saying if Gordon called him and wanted to have a drink, it’d be cool but to date, we don’t know if the two resolved their issues.

Pepin Don’t Like

Jacques Pepin and Gordon Ramsay

Source: The Daily Meal

Jacques Pepin doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who starts fights with other chefs. He would rather stick to wholesome anecdotes than mouthing off against another chef. Despite his mellow personality, he went ahead with a blog post heavily criticizing the highly competitive reality shows made popular by Gordon Ramsay.  

In an interview, Pepin also mentioned that “Hell’s Kitchen” is his least favorite cooking show. Pepin believed that cooking is an act of love and there is no way anyone can produce good food in a chaotic and terrorizing environment. Pepin also mentioned how Ramsay’s show portrayed the restaurant kitchen in a negative light and a portrayal such as this might demotivate many young men and women who want to get into the business. He went on to elaborate on his distaste for the show “Hell’s Kitchen” in a personal essay. But Pepin also felt the need to clarify that he did not intend to attack Gordon Ramsay; instead, his criticisms were towards the producers of such shows.

Feud Amongst Friends

Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White

Source: Eater

Perhaps Feud among close friends cut the deepest. And that may have been the case with Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White. Marco Pierre White may arguably be one of the biggest chefs in UK history. He was the first to earn three Michelin stars in the country and The Express went on to call him “ The first celebrity chef”. Marco Pierre White also had a reputation for being “angry” in the kitchen. Marco might have been the one to inspire Gordon’s TV Character as the notorious yeller as Gordon worked in Marco’s kitchen early in his career. There was also an incident when White berated Gordon so badly that he crouched down in the corner of the kitchen and started sobbing.   

But this incident wasn't the one that destroyed their friendship. Marco Pierre White told GQ he reached his breaking point when Ramsay brought a camera crew to White’s wedding without permission. Ever since that they both had many accusations about each other.

Ramsay has since attempted to make a peace with White after he celebrated the 25 anniversary of his cookbook ‘White Heat’ at a London art gallery. He called the photographer Bob Carlos Clarke and offered to buy the book for £2,900" (around $4,500).

5. Gordon Ramsay vs. Chris Hutcheson


Ramsay and his father in law, Christ Hutcheson relationship in not like any other normal son and father in law bond. They have had more drama in their relationship than you might expect. Among various accusations made against Hutcheson, one was that he withdrew about 42 million from Ramsay’s bank account to give to his mistress and surprisingly Ramsay won that lawsuit. And a more recent lawsuit against Hutcheson was from earlier in 2017 when he stood accused of hacking into Ramsay’s computer after he was fireed from his role in Ramsay’s empire as manager of business operations.

6. Gordon Ramsay vs. José Andrés

Gordon Ramsay vs. José Andrés

Source: She Knows

José Andrés  isn’t a big fan of Ramsay’s either, They appeared to be embarrassed by Ramsay’s behavior on Kitchen Nightmares. In 2010,  José tweeted out his dislike of Kitchen Nightmares, implying Ramsay was going overboard in his behavior and that he should have been leading by example, not critiquing extremely.

7. Gordon Ramsay vs. Marcus Samuelsson

Gordon Ramsay vs. Marcus Samuelsson

Source: Mediate

In his memoir, ‘Yes Chef’ Marcus Samuelsson recalled a time when Ramsay called him an incredibly insensitive and borderline racist name for not naming Ramsay one of the best chefs. Marcus further wrote in his book about how he really felt, “In the years since, I haven’t felt a need to make myself available when a mutual friend brought Gordon into my restaurant, or go out of my way to be his friend. I have better things to do.”

8. Gordon Ramsay vs. Anthony Bourdain

Gordon Ramsay vs. Anthony Bourdain

Source: Us Weekly

Do you remember that time Gordon Ramsay tried to steal the name "The Spotted Pig" from April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman? Talk about a big-time power move! Apparently, Ramsay just wanted to grab the rights but not use the name, but Bourdain wasn't buying it. He went full-on mama bear and blasted Ramsay on Twitter, defending Bloomfield and Friedman. Talk about fireworks!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is richer Jamie or Gordon?

As of 2021, according to Forbes, Gordon is the highest earning celebrity chef in the world, with an estimated net worth of $220 million. On the other hand, Jamie Oliver has an estimated net worth of $160 million. 

Q. What is Gordon Ramsay's favorite food?

Beef Wellington is the Ramsay favorite food as he said if he could choose his last meal on Eath, he would choose this dish. Gordon Ramsay’s a huge fan of the British dish, and many regard his own recipe as his greatest of all.  And in most of his restaurant you will find this on menu. 

Q. How many shows does Gordon Ramsay have? 

Gordon Ramsay has been involved in more than eight competitive cookery and food shows but He currently has seven ongoing shows across different platforms. Here’s the breakdown of his shows:

Currently airing shows:

  • Hell's Kitchen (2005-present)
  • MasterChef (2010-present)
  • MasterChef Junior (2013-present)
  • Next Level Chef (2022-present)
  • Gino's Italian Family Adventure (2023-present)
  • Kitchen Nightmares (several international versions, some ongoing)
  • Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (2004-2014, UK version)

Past shows:

  • The F Word (2005-2010)
  • Hotel Hell (2012-2016)
  • Gordon Behind Bars (2012)
  • Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018-2020)

Q. Where does Gordon Ramsay live?

As a one of the most beloved celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay has a few homes around the world. However his main house in located on the beach on the north Cornwall coast, where he, his wife Tana Ramsay along with five kids, Megan, Holly, Jack, Matilda and Oscar spend most of their days. 

Q. Does Gordon Ramsay own a hotel?

Yes, Gordon owns a hotel name “The Hotel at York & Albany” located in London, the hotel offers eight boutique rooms, relaxed restaurant and pizzeria, all within a stunning regency townhouse close to Camden Town tube station. It was opened in 2018 and is part of Gordon Ramsay Restaurants and other food related businesses owned and operated by Gordon Ramsay. 

Q. Did Gordon Ramsay play soccer? 

Yes, he played association football (soccer) for the Oxford United youth team, and at age 15 he was counted by the Scottish Premier League Glasgow Rangers. But due to a knee injury ultimately he was forced to give up on pursuing a career in football. 

Q. Why is Gordon Ramsay famous? 

Gordon Ramsay is famous for variety of reasons including his culinary talent, television personality, business savvy, and impact on the culinary world. He is a well known and respected figure who continues to influence the industry and inspire aspiring chefs around the world.

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