Publication date May 31, 2022

5 Amazing Mobile Games you can Play Without the Internet

The best thing about mobile games is that they are portable, you can play them whenever and wherever you want. But one of the major issues with a lot of mobile games today is most of them require an active internet connection to play them. Sometimes you just don’t have a good network during your daily commutes or maybe you are on your summer trip and have a very bad reception. Do not worry I got you covered! For the times when the network is not in your favor, I have compiled a list of 5 awesome mobile games that you can play offline.

Monument Valley

Monument valley mobile game

Source: BlueStacks

Released back in 2014, this puzzle game is an absolute classic. In Monument Valley, you have the liberty where you can interact with each level. The goal behind interacting is that you can ensure your character moves to their desired position to solve the puzzle. The graphics of the game are also pretty polished, have very responsive controls, and can be challenging from time to time. It is the ideal mobile game, thanks to its bitty gameplay.

This is not an offline game from the get-go. After you have installed the game there is a license check and after you have connected on your first boot up, you are all set to play the game offline. It is a great mobile game that you can play offline. If you have not played the game yet, I would suggest you give it a shot!

Stardew Valley

Stardew valley mobile game

Source: PC Gamer

If you are a fan of the farming and life simulator niche genre then Stardew Valley is a game you will love. Stardew valley shares similarities with titles like Harvest Moon. So if you have played and enjoyed such titles then you will enjoy Stardew Valley too as Stardew Valley has similar gameplay if not more wide-ranging. Stardew Valley offers lots of replayability and you can easily play this game for hundreds of hours.

If you want to go casual about it, it’s fine. Raise a few chickens, and plant a few crops. It's simple enough. But Stardew Valley offers depth and not to mention an endless campaign, that is why it is my absolute favorite. What more can a game offer? Well, Stardew Valley also supports gamepads. So you can casually play this mobile game with touch control on your phone or you can let it rip on your tablet or Chromebook with a controller and you can enjoy it all without going online. 


Next up on our list is a space exploration game, often compared to No Man’s Sky. While I agree No Man’s Sky will offer more depth than Morphite, Morphite still offers an exciting trip through space while you explore unknown planets and fight strange space monsters. Morphine's art style is a simple low-poly type. This type of art style looks great and also cuts down on the performance demand. But the best thing Morphite offers is a ton of replayability thanks to procedural generation. So in Morphite, your every run will be unique.

There are not many quality space exploration mobile games but Morphite is a hidden gem worth exploring. But Morphite is not a free game. You can play the trial version for free and if you like what you see, you can unlock the full game through one in-game purchase.

Thumper: Pocket Edition

Thumper mobile game

Source: AppUnwrapper

Thumper: Pocket Edition is a psychedelic auto-running mobile game that is heavily dependent on rhythm-based mechanics for progression. The controls are pretty simple with just taps and swipes. But you have to time your moves to the beats of the music if you wanna beat the game. The game also supports gamepads which sometimes is a huge help. As physical controllers will help you with precisely timed inputs than a glass screen. 

You have to beat a total of nine levels which might take around 8 hours to complete and you can play the full game offline. The game is packed with some really good content which is enough to keep you entertained for hours.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania symphony of the night mobile game

Source: The Verge

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was added to the roster of the mobile games back in 2020. Before you move on with the article you should know that as few of the other titles featured on the list it too is not a free game. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night will cost you $2.99. If you have not tried it out you should. It is a great 2D platformer that offers non-linear gameplay which encourages exploration.

The primary campaign is not very small, to complete the entire campaign it might take you around 9 hours. But the great thing is you do not have to worry about internet connection once you have installed the game. You can complete the entire campaign offline.

Hope you enjoy all these games. Do comment down below which is your favorite offline mobile game. And if you are a fan of restaurant simulation games, one of the must-try games is Star Chef 2. You can download this free-to-play game on your android and iOS device.

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