Publication date May 12, 2022

5 kitchen nightmare restaurants that are still open in 2022

Are the restaurants from Kitchen Nightmares operating or closed?

Gordon Ramsay visits restaurants in the Kitchen Nightmares episode that airs on Hulu, identifying important issues, solving them, and renovating the restaurant within three days. Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares / Kitchen Nightmares UK ran for seven seasons and 36 episodes from 2004 to 2014.

Kitchen Nightmares USA ran from 2007 to 2014, spanning seven seasons and 90 episodes, including repeats. For a complete list of Kitchen Nightmares episodes, see below

People frequently inquire about the whereabouts of Kitchen featured in Kitchen Nightmares episodes. Here in this article, we will go over the different restaurants that are still open for business even in 2022.

Zayna's Flaming Grill made it

Family fallouts are something Kitchen Nightmares excels at more than nearly any other show. Zayna's Flaming Grill is one such establishment. Ramsay begins the episode by interviewing co-owners Fay and her niece Brenda, both of whom believe the other should leave the company.

Over the next 40 minutes, as you could guess, communication became a problem. After getting the Ramsay treatment, Zayna's Flaming Grill was taken over by new management in 2015.

They successfully turned the ship around, and TripAdvisor constantly rates them as good or exceptional.

Steakhouse Spin-A-Yarn

Steakhouse Spin-A-Yarn

Source: MapQuest

This Fremont, CA-based steakhouse, which was featured in season 5, currently enjoys positive reviews, despite some customers being unhappy with the exorbitant prices.

In an attempt to save a failing marriage between the owners as a result of the business's problems, Ramsay helped them focus on a single cuisine with a dramatically reduced menu. Customers continue to flock to the restaurant in search of their mouthwatering prime rib, though other old favorites have been revived as well.

D'Italia by Luigi

Luigi Catizone, the owner, has been running this Anaheim, CA Italian restaurant since 1981, with the aid of his father. When his uncle intervened, however, it generated friction between the two, who were frequently squabbling. During his tasting, Ramsay also discovered that the ravioli was not fresh and the pasta was unseasoned.

However, after the re-launch, the restaurant gradually regained its footing and has been receiving consistently positive feedback from customers ever since.

Greek Cuisine by Yanni

Greek Cuisine by Yanni

Source: TripAdvisor

When Ramsay and his team visited this family-run Greek restaurant in Phinney Ridge, WA in season 6, it was in deep debt, with an outdated menu and food quality issues. He shut down the kitchen after discovering rotten and outdated meat in the fridge.

They apparently kept some of the new meals after the remodel, but brought back other old favorites. It's still going strong today, with positive reviews praising the excellent food and service, while others say it lacks warmth and authentic Greek hospitality.

Southern Cuisine by Ms. Jean

This restaurant in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, is still open, even after their move. The mayor honored the owner and retired teacher Jean Gould for her years of devotion to the city, despite mixed reviews.

When Ramsay came, the attitude was the main problem: Gould was frequently irritated by disgruntled customers, and her staff was also lacking. In addition, the food was boring, overdone, and/or greasy. Customers today seem to enjoy the buffet style, as well as the quality and flavor of the cuisine, while some still complain about the employees being unpleasant and unwelcoming. Customers today seem to enjoy the buffet style, as well as the quality and flavor of the cuisine, while some still complain about the employees being unpleasant and unwelcoming.

If you haven't watched all the episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, you can also watch it online on Hulu

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