Publication date October 17, 2022

5 mobile games your kids should never play!

Mobile games now have become one of the mainstream forms of entertainment and thanks to the popular mobile games today it has become accessible to all. And with popularity comes ambition, and ambition leads to people pushing the boundaries of creating a mobile game that will leave an everlasting impression on the players. But not all impressions can be considered good especially when we are talking about children consuming any content. So today we are going to look at 6 mobile games your kids should never play. So scroll down and find out the what and the why of the underbelly of mobile games.

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This mobile game is definitely not suited for children, how do I know you ask? Well just to the app store and the first thing you will see in the description is “17+ NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN”. That was kind of an obvious giveaway that the game is certainly not meant for children. This mobile game is all about sniping your enemies and you can get extra points by scoring headshots. The headshots might not be suitable for someone squeamish around blood and guts. This is the main reason I think this game is not suitable for kids who are at a very impressionable age.

The Bard’s Tale

Mobile games kids should not play

Source: Reddit

The Bard’s Tale is an action-roleplaying game that most adults would enjoy. You play as a traveling musician and I don’t think kids would be ecstatic to know about a starving artist with a moral dilemma. Apart from that, the game has a lot of violence and highly suggestive content which is definitely not appropriate for children. But adults definitely should give it a try. At the very least you will have a few laughs here and there as the game has a lot of “not-so-kid friendly” jokes in the game.

Wolfenstein RPG

Mobile games kids should not play

Source: Pocket Gamer

Wolfenstein RPG is a more light hearted version of the original Wolfenstein 3D. How do you ask? Well for starters Wolfenstein 3D had Nazi castles filled with swastikas and disgusting Hitler portraits, but Wolfenstein RPG swapped them with romance novels and mutant chickens. But still, this game is too dark for children to play. Wolfenstein RPG followed the recipe of Doom RPG and although the game has a first-person perspective it is a turn-based role-playing game. This mobile game puts emphasis on the plot which also might not be suitable for children so make sure your kid’s mobile device does not have this title installed.

Optical Inquisitor 17+

Mobile games kids should not play

Source: Google Play

I will start with a pro tip if the title of any video game mentions 17+ understand the game is not suitable for your kids. In this game, you play as Tommy Rissken who got betrayed by his friends and after 8 years behind the bars, he is backfilled with vengeance. Call me old school but I don’t think revenge stories are best for children. And this is not just any revenge story you can take out your enemies in really gruesome ways. You might get confused in the start as the characters look like stick figures, but make no mistake the violence in this game is up there with Grand Theft Auto.

Die in 100 Ways

Mobile games kids should not play

Source: TapTap

This title might be rooted in humor but still has a lot of dark themes that might be inappropriate for children. In this game, your enemy is death himself and all you have to do is avoid death. You will be given some tasks and you need to finish them to survive. Some tasks might be simple and others might not be that simple but it is the time constraint that can stress you out. They might feel a little repetitive after you play them for a few days but it is a great way to casually pass some time. But a game about death is certainly not suitable for children. 

So hopefully your kids are not playing any of these titles on their mobile devices but if they are interested in mobile games you can encourage them to play some simulation games that will teach them how to manage their time and resources optimally. Star Chef 2 can be a great way to start, so comment down below what you think of the game

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