Publication date December 14, 2023

5 most disgusting food combinations people actually devour!


Fancy yourself a foodie? Do you get excited when a new recipe pops up on your newsfeed?

Then get through this list of top 5 gross food combinations that really exist without gagging and prove that food is indeed your one true love. 

These gross food combinations make me uncomfortable; I just have one question – WHY? Why would anyone ruin a perfectly fried and crispy plate of fries by dipping it in cold frozen ice cream? Or what planet are you from if you eat your hotdog with marshmallows? While I wouldn’t be stepping close to any of these gross food ideas, I’ll drop them here and let you be the judge. Let’s dive in, with all the wits we got.

Pickle and Chocolate:

I’ve got a theory - Pickles and chocolates are at two extreme opposite ends of the most common cravings. So, someone probably woke up one day, had fluctuating cravings for both, and decided to dip one in the other. And that’s how we have Pickolate!

All jokes apart, pickles covered in chocolate became increasingly famous on the internet back in 2017 after receiving highly positive reviews from an acclaimed writer Lena Abraham. There has been no looking back for ‘Pickolate’ since then. Netizens however have mixed reactions to this lazy creation, well here’s my reaction ­– I’m positively aghast by this, period!

Is it a ‘yes' or a ‘pass’ for you? Try it and let us know?

Pasta and ketchup:

How does it feel when foreigners come into your locality and butcher your culinary etiquette? It does get to the best of us, doesn’t it? Such was the case with the president of the Italian food organization Academia Barilla, Gianluigi Zenti. He expressed his concerns about foreigners walking in and demanding ketchup with pasta like it’s the most natural combo, like burger and fries. In a very candid interview in 2013, Zenti clarified once and for all that ketchup has nothing to do with Italian cuisine. 

So a word to the wise – don’t visit Italy and ask for Pasta with ketchup. Italian chefs take their food very seriously, and you don’t wanna mess with people who make your feed… if you know what I mean *coughs*. 

Ice Cream and Fries:

I can take the pasta with ketchup, I mean I at least empathize with non-Italians thinking it’s Italian – myself guilty as charged. But how do you justify mixing an appetizer with a dessert? Hello people, there’s a reason these two delicacies are on two opposite ends of a menu. Of all the spicy crispy wonderful yummies one can savor fries with, they had to choose an ice cream? It’s gotta be a drunk invention that people just rolled with, yep there’s no other logical explanation.

Wait, the more I talk about it, the more I dig it? Alright, moving right on before further damage to my taste buds. 

The Chickle:

The next one’s a cutie, not so mad about this! A Chickle, not so surprisingly, happens to be a pickle with hot chicken stuffing inside. In classic Joey style – What’s not to like? Pickle? Goood. Chicken? Goood! 

Apparently, Chickle is a bi-product of a bizarre marketing campaign for a baseball match between The Fresno Grizzlies and Nashville Sounds. It was available only for two days which also happens to be the span of the two series match. Do you dig it? Come on, it’s a judgment-free zone, show us your wild side. *wink*

The Pickleback:

Okay hear me out – drunk people do weird stuff, and our next gross food combination looks like a finalist of the weirdest drunk inventions ever. A Pickleback is a failed attempt at recreating the iconic vodka shot with lime and salt if you ask me. Except here, you gulp down the whisky, and then you knock down the brined pickle juice. The first-ever Pickleback was prepped in Bushwick Country Club, a bar in Brooklyn and soon it was discovered by the internet and you can guess what happened next! It’s now popping up in bar menus across the United States.

A taste test conducted concludes that combination ain’t terrible. Now, is that what we’re settling for? “Not terrible”? It could also be a restaurant strategy, as the taste test also states that boozy, savory, and salty combined together build up an appetite and makes you hungry. In that case, I’d say smart move!


So are these recipes a hit or pass with our Star Chef 2 fam? Well, I will let you be the judge of that because let's be honest – there’s no way I’m trying any of that for you, I was only paid to write! 

Are you weird enough to try one of these weird combinations if you spot em’ in a restaurant menu? Or do you have your own weird crazy food invention? If so, drop them in the comments – you never know, you might bag a patent for your gross food ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the most unpleasant food?

Anything that is still alive and squirming is considered the most unpleasant food. Such as still-alive octopus or a raw fish served straight-up on a plate or in a bow. However, surprisingly raw seafood is legendary in most Asian cuisines. 

Q. What are the weirdest food combinations in the world? 

Here are the top 10 weirdest food combinations in the world: 

  1. Sannakji – South Korea
  2. Hákarl – Iceland
  3. Bird’s Nest Soup – Southeast Asia
  4. Sourtoe Cocktail – Canada
  5. Escamoles – Mexico & Central America
  6. Casu Marzu – Italy
  7. Cuy – Peru
  8. Ambrosia Salad – USA
  9. Kangaroo – Australia
  10. Pineapple Sandwich – South Africa

Q. Why am I eating weird food combinations?

The reason why people eat weird food combinations is mainly based on the concept of novelty. People often enjoy trying new things and experiencing new flavors. So combining two different foods can create a unique flavor experience that can be exciting and satisfying for many of us. 

Q. What is it called when you eat abnormal things?

The condition where a person compulsively eats things that aren’t food and don’t have any nutritional value is called Pica. Because it’s compulsive, people with this cognition generally face a very challenging time controlling the urge on their own. Pica can have multiple types of effects depending on what non-food items or abnormal things a person eats.

Q. What are cursed Food combinations? 

It is difficult to tell what cursed food combinations mean, as it is a subjective term because what one person finds unpleasing or disgusting, another might find surprisingly delicious. However, there are a few combinations that, based on personal experience, seem destined to raise eyebrows and potentially induce groans, a few of them are:

  • Pizza with pineapple
  • Chocolate and cheese
  • Strawberries and balsamic vinegar
  • Pickles and peanut butter sandwiches
  • Anchovies and watermelon
  • Olives and ice cream 
  • Chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts

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