Publication date January 2, 2022

5 Shocking yet Real Bridezilla Stories Perfect for the Wedding Season


Weddings can bring the worst in people. Don’t believe it? From the bride who kissed her ex during the reception to the one who kicked her best friend from the wedding party for being skinnier than her, here’s a list of five bridezillas who got no chill. 

Have the Cake and Eat it too

Story from the planner’s POV: 

The bride invited her ex to the wedding because they were apparently “very good friends”. As the reception went on, the groom headed to the washroom, and she goes ahead and kisses her ex. She noticed the planner and reminder him to mind his own business and planned does oblige. 

Two days after the wedding, the planner gets a call from the groom asking for a refund as the bride was really upset about the planner causing a scene when he ran out to remind them of the bill, just so they can avoid additional late charges. This was it for the planner. They’re paid to plan the wedding, not take a bride’s tantrums. So, he straight up asked the groom if she was also upset about the scene she caused a scene when she kissed her ex behind his back. 

The groom hung up.

Clear Day Robbery

This is a tale of two best friends who fell apart when one got hitched. So the friend made it clear to the bride that she has financial concerns as she is a student working on the side to make ends meet. 

The bride asked the friend to hand-make every one of her wedding decorations as part of bridesmaid duties which cost her 15 hours a week outside of work and school time. She also planned a week long bachelorette party outside the city and they had to pay for themselves including the dress for the wedding, and she had the audacity to pick a designer dress that the friend would never wear again.

All in all, the friend ended up spending 1,000 dollars on the whole ordeal, along with doing free hair and make up for the bride. What kind of friend robs her bridesmaid despite of being the one person who knows all her financial struggles? Not a real one, I’ll tell you that.

16 Shades of Blue

The bride asked 16 girls to be her bridesmaids, and 10 of them dropped in the one and half year span between the engagement and the wedding. Here are different stages at which the bridesmaids started opting out.

 The bride wanted 16 shades of blue for the 16 bridesmaids and 16 different styles of it. She threw a fit when the store didn’t have that many options.

She also demanded that everyone should pay for a week-long bachelorette party in Vegas and got mad when people opted out. 

Her folks granted her a 20K budget but she ended up spending 100K and demanded her parents pay for it, poor people took out a loan and are still paying it off.

She wanted all bridesmaids to have the same hair color, so she asked some of them dye their hair, two of them declined and gave up their bridesmaid spots.

She paid for nothing but demanded they all wear specific shoes, jewelry, dress, hair and make-up and also that they stay the entire weekend at the hotel.

So each bridesmaid had to pay 2,000 dollars per head for being her bridesmaid, and the gift was separately handed during the ceremony.

Mirror, mirror... Who’s the fairest of all?

Between the time this girl agreed to be the bridesmaid and the actual wedding, she lost some weight focusing on being fit and healthy, and the wedding was the last inspiration behind all of this. But the bride hadn’t anticipated her relatively chubbier friend to get slimmer than her, and she kicked her out of the bridal party when she found out. So much for being a friend! Not sure if she had a bachelorette, but she sure had a petty party.

Momzilla to the Un-Rescue. 

The last one’s a classic. The wedding planner had been on the wedding for several weeks as the date gets closer, and the groom’s mom calls him to change the date of the wedding. When the planner called the couple, they absolutely had no idea or desire to change anything about the wedding. They asked the planner to ignore her calls. What was the momzilla thinking? They’d never notice that their wedding was moved by the planner and just go with it?  

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? Do you have one of these wild bridezilla stories? If yes, do drop them in comments below and share this with your friend that’s getting married this wedding season. 

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