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5 Signs Your Friend Is Jealous Of You

It might be quite perplexing and frustrating to deal with a friend who succumbs to the green-eyed monster of envy, but you can do it. Watch out for obvious indications of jealousy if you think your friend is jealous. 

You may speak to them and come up with a solution if it is true, so there's no need to stress. Continue reading for a thorough list of indications that your friend is jealous of you or your accomplishments.  

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They Copy Your Behavior

This is when your friend attempts to emulate you by doing everything you do. Your friend may copy your clothes style, mannerisms, and interests or chat and joke about the same topics as you do. When people envy you, they could try to imitate some of your behaviors to make their lives seem more like yours.

For instance, if you and a handful of your pals are all fans of the same music, your envious friend can also develop an interest in it. This might be upsetting, but you can give them more self-assurance by motivating them to embrace their uniqueness. 

They Try To Spoil Your Joyful News

They'll try to discredit your wonderful news so they can feel better. Jealous friends frequently feel self-conscious. They are ready to minimize your successes or good news to level the field of play and make themselves feel better. Your friend could try to find something unpleasant to say or a method to make you appear unworthy if you receive good news. 

For instance, if you get an "A" on a paper, an envious companion would downplay it by warning you not to get too excited. If you see their remarks impacting you, use affirming words to remind yourself of your greatness.

They Are Unconcerned About Your Accomplishments

Jealous people can come out as phony and unenthusiastic. Secure friends recognize one another's accomplishments. Some friends may congratulate you enthusiastically when things go well with you, but a jealous friend may respond differently. They won't seem honest; instead, they'll come off as abrupt or indifferent.

For instance, even though you may be eager to share some happy news with your friend, they may only roll their pupils and respond, "Okay, cool." Devote time with someone who enjoys celebrating your significant victories if your friend looks envious. Even when this friend of yours cannot make you feel valued, you still deserve it!

They Make You Reluctant to Try New Things

Someone envious will try to justify why they can't do anything with or for you. Friends are often meant to encourage and give you the confidence to pursue your goals. However, a jealous friend may spend more time thinking about reasons why you shouldn't do something instead (occasionally because they themselves feel they can't do it, and desire you to feel the same way also).

For instance, if you mention your desire to play the piano to a jealous friend, they could respond, "There's probably no use. You wouldn't be able to perform well on an instrument now since learning an instrument is simpler when you're young."

Keep in mind that your companion cannot control your behavior. You may study piano at any age, for instance. It's not about being the greatest but about having fun.

They Constantly Criticize Your Choices

A jealous friend makes you question yourself rather than give you comfort. Does your friend make you believe you've made an awful mistake instead of being happy for you or encouraging your choices? 

Envious people frequently struggle with self-confidence and let it show in their responses to others' judgments. They'll both stop your wishes and make you regret your decisions.

For instance, an envious friend can question your decision if you leave work and pursue your ideal career. They could also make an effort to guilt you. They could respond, "I don't know, quitting your work feels irresponsible, for instance. Do whatever it is that you want, though, I suppose."

To be able to bear their judgment, increase your own self-confidence. Remind them kindly that you've already decided and are only seeking support, not advice.

Jealous friend


Ways To Handle a Jealous Friend

Even though your friend's actions irritate you, you should take precautions to handle them. The condition of your friendship with your friend greatly depends on how you begin the conversation. To deal with a jealous friend, you can follow these steps:

React Positively

Friends who struggle with insecurity require ongoing care and compassion. If you take every attempt to resolve the matter, it will be beneficial. Reduce your friend's negative conduct and insecurity at first, then react constructively with explicit and sincere actions.

Offer Support to Your Friend, but Don’t Fail Yourself

You should both make an effort to improve your connection. You can tell your friend about your achievement, but be careful not to offend them or introduce a negative topic. Let your friend know you support them and are rooting for them to achieve their goals.

Identify Your Friend's Strengths And Achievements

By balancing the scales, you can make things easier. As frequently as you anticipate receiving praise from your friend for their efforts and accomplishments, compliment them. Your success shouldn't put them off or make them worry that they'll be replaced by another person in your life.

Face Your Emotions

Talk to your friend about your feelings; keeping quiet will worsen things. You should reassure them that they will always have a special place in your life and that nobody can ever take their place.


Remember that jealousy is a natural emotion and doesn't necessarily mean your friend doesn't care about you. By addressing the issue openly and respectfully, you can work through the problem and strengthen your friendship. 

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