Publication date February 14, 2022

5 times Selena Gomez made heads turn with her stunning red carpet looks

From a breakthrough entry into the decade with Wizards of Waverly Place, rocky relationship timeline with Justin Bieber, rising and falling singing career, arguable movie scripts, and to now becoming one of the biggest beauty moguls, there’s one thing that has stuck with the brand that Selena Gomez is – her stunning Red Carpet looks.

The former Disney star has inspired everyone currently in their 20s at one point or another with her amazing fashion choices. Let’s dive deep into the stunner’s closet (in a completely non-creepy way). 

Venice Film Festival, 2012

Miss Gomez adorned a classy Atelier Versace gown to the Spring Breakers premiere at the 2012 Venice Film Festival. Remember the movie Spring Breakers? The cute little next-door girl who won hearts on Disney embraced her womanhood in this coming-of-age movie, and that meant skimpy clothes at a typical Spring Break. So, if you think about it, Gomez wore more fabric for the premiere than in the entire movie combined. 

Nevertheless, the peachy gown complimented the bubbly side of Gomez perfectly while the shoulder-less top gave just the right touch of hotness into the ensemble. 

Watch her red carpet interview look here.

MTV’s Video Music Awards, 2013

The Lose You to Love Me singer admitted in an interview that this Versace atelier dress was the onset of her feeling comfortable to look sexy and completely break out of her child-star or teen-star image. You can see the music she made from this point on gradually takes a more mature tone as well. 

How absolutely gorgeous does Selena look in this? This sure made some heads turn, especially that of Bieber who got back together right after this appearance, albeit only to disappear again.

Watch her red carpet interview look here.

Rudderless Film Premiere, 2014

Gomez styled her hair slick in a look nobody could mimic (pun intended). I am of the personal opinion that red is her color, especially when she showed up to the premiere in a Dior red dress. The movie may not have taken off, but the slick hairdo did for years to come. 

Watch her red carpet interview look here

Oscar Vanity Fair, 2016

Oscar Vanity Fair, 2016 selena gomez

Source: Codedwap

It was Louis Vuitton’s time to style Miss Gomez in the shiniest yet elegant dress paired with Jimmy Choo shoes. She opted for straight hair to go with the sleek silver look and made headlines for weeks to come. This Latina beauty doesn’t seem to know what it is to disappoint the crowd.

Watch her red carpet interview look here.

Met Gala, 2017

Met Gala, 2017,selena gomez red carpet look

Source: Vogue

Selena Gomez showed up in a super-subtle outfit that went perfectly with the year’s theme – Art of In-Between. The short straight hair complimented her baby-like face and accentuated her facial features like no other. Also, hers was one of the few outfits that didn’t make the audience squirm in their seats with how tight and uncomfortable they all generally look on the stairs of The Met. To top everything off, Selena Gomez showed up with her then beau The Weeknd, and fans couldn’t stop gushing about it. Ahhh, how my Abelena heart hurts!

Watch her red carpet interview look here.

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