Publication date August 17, 2023

5 Ways To Jump-Start Fitness After Becoming a First-Time Mom

Getting back to your fitness journey after becoming a first-time mom can be difficult and exhausting. New moms already have a lot on their plate but there is this constant thought of getting back into the shape that haunts every first-time mom at the back of their heads. The body after pregnancy changes a lot and giving yourself grace seems like the only solution to this problem

First Time Mom

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While giving yourself some grace is important, you can always slowly get back to a fit body with proper low-impact fitness and a nutritious wholesome diet. It doesn't have to be a far-fetched dream, it’s totally possible. All of this doesn’t have to take a toll on your mental health either. 

Here are five ways you can jump-start your fitness journey after becoming a first-time mom-

Brisk Walks 

First Time Mom

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Brisk walking is an ideal way to get back to your fitness journey after a long gap. It helps in full-body blood circulation without straining the body. Before you go and hit the gym, give your body sufficient time to build stamina. You could try going on easy postpartum-friendly hikes outdoors. It will not only help you to start shedding some pounds but also help you get fresh air and some sunlight. Another best part about walking outdoors is you can take your baby with you in a stroller. Brisk walking daily will also help you boost the non-exercise activity thermogenesis and metabolism. 


First time mom

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Yoga is a great option to resume working out post-pregnancy. It's a gentle form of stretching your body while also burning off some calories. There are pregnancy-friendly poses in yoga that can be continued after a good break. Doing regular yoga helps in achieving mind-body balance, which becomes so important after delivery with all the hormones needing a total reset. 


First time mom

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A gentle workout paired with pilates can really help you get toned in no time. Just like kegel exercises, pilates can help to strengthen the weakened muscles in the pelvic floor. After delivering a child the pelvic floor tends to get loose, and the core strength is lost. Pilates can help you regain your posture and help heal back pain. It also helps in shedding that extra baby weight. 

Low-intensity weight training

For some women lifting their body weight can feel tiring and exhausting but lifting helps in maintaining the muscles. Well, there is another option you can try low-weight dumbbells and work your way up from there. Squats can be painful in the beginning, so only do workouts that don't hurt the pelvic floor, so start with kegel exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor and upper body exercises before hopping to lower body exercises.

A Dance Workout 

First Time Mom

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With countless easy dance workout tutorials available online you are just one dance workout away from a better mood and better body. Fitness is all about consistency more than complicated forms of exercise. Being a mommy can get on your nerves some days, and other times looking after your baby takes all the precedence, but you don't want to miss out on your workout, and that's when a dance workout helps you de-stress and get the pressure off of your mind and body. 

As a first-time mom fitness can easily take a back seat and restarting the whole journey can feel like a tough nut to crack open. But taking your first step towards fitness can even help you with improved mood and increased energy. So, taking out 30 minutes from your schedule is going to pay you back in a lot of ways.

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