Publication date December 9, 2022

6 Amazing Christmas party ideas for first-time party hosts

Want to throw a Christmas party for your loved ones but do not have any experience in the area? Do not worry we have your back. We know planning a party can get hectic and nerve-wracking but this Christmas we want to make your party-hosting experience much smoother. So check out these party ideas that you can try out this Christmas.

Movie night

If you are planning a party only for your family and your close friends then you can surely plan a movie night. Movie marathons are really great if you want to enjoy them with your close friends. You can go for the holiday hits. Personally, I love watching Home Alone on Christmas. Pair it with some fresh popcorn to enhance your movie experience. A Christmas party is incomplete without hot cocoa and toasted marshmallows. You can make your movie night more fun with movie trivia sessions.

Gift wrapping party

Doing a fun little activity together can be really fun for the whole family. You could try a gift-wrapping party this year. Enjoy with your family or invite your friends over for a fun gift-wrapping Christmas party. And these are really easy to throw too. Set your party table up with ribbons, wrapping paper, stamps, and gift tags, and let everyone’s creativity run wild. After you are done with wrapping all of you can enjoy some holiday cookies to end the night on a sweet note. 

Candy cane decor crafting party

If you liked the idea for the gift-wrapping Christmas party then you will love this one too. This is a spin on the gift-wrapping party, you can invite your friends over and have a holiday decor-making party. But the catch is you can only make decors out of candy canes and peppermint sticks. I love these party ideas because they are a great way to have fun while nourishing one’s creativity. 

Holiday snack exchange party

Holiday snack exchange Party

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If you are a first-time Christmas party host then this party idea is best for you. This party idea is a spin-off of the cookie exchange, just instead of cookies, ask your guests to bring their favorite holiday snack. If I was one of your guests I would surely show up with a jar full of sweet and spicy coated nuts. This way you don’t have to worry about your guest going hungry or not liking the snacks. So if you are anxious about throwing your first Christmas party then surely try out this technique.

Retro Christmas party

Want to throw a Christmas party that your friends will remember forever but don’t know what to do? Whenever I am stuck like that all I do is look back. Not literally, but I go back in time. Retro-themed parties are always fun, people filled with nostalgia enjoy every moment they spend at that party. This year why not throw a retro Christmas party? Get vintage tree bulbs and decorate with a retro ice wreath. Keep things old-school and your guests will absolutely love it.

Brunch Christmas celebration

Brunch Christmas party

Source: Giggle Living

Brunch is great for family and friends to meet up and share a hearty meal. So why not throw a brunch party this Christmas? Cook up your favorite dishes and invite your friends and family to join us for brunch. It’s always nice when family and friends meet and share a meal. So maybe throwing a brunch party can make everyone’s Christmas special.

So which Christmas party you will be throwing this year, comment down below!

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