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6 DIY Gordon ramsay recipes that you have to try this Halloween!

Everyone loves Halloween, especially the kids. It's all about dressing up in the spookiest costumes and trick -o-treating. But if you are throwing a Halloween party you might get under some pressure but not to worry Gordon Ramsay is here to save us all. So let us look at some of the spookiest recipes from Gordon Ramsay for this Halloween that your kids will love.

Source: Star Chef 2

3 ingredient ghost Halloween cookies

Gordon Ramsay halloween recipes

Source: Allrecipes

This is one of the easiest recipes you can try this Halloween and the best part is all you need is 3 ingredients. Milano Chocolate Filled Cookies, 6 ounces of melted white almond bark, and 45 mini chocolate chips. Dip the Milano cookies in the melted white almond bark and place 3 chocolate chips to make your ghosts. Use two up top for the eyes and one in the middle for the mouth and you have a delicious ghost cookie ready to be eaten.

Pumpkin pretzels

Gordon Ramsay Halloween recipes

Source: Soulfully Made

This is another really easy-to-make recipe that will surely be a crowd favorite. You will need five ingredients to make the Halloween pumpkin pretzels. A bag of mini pretzels, ¾ cup of white chocolate chips or orange candy melts, coconut oil, food coloring, and green candy for the stems. And the preparation is also very easy. All you need is melted chocolate and add in the food coloring for the right shade of pumpkin orange just cover your pretzels and use the green candies for the stem and you are done.

Alien pretzels

Why stop at pumpkin pretzels when you can take your pretzel game to a whole different level with the Alien pretzels? To make these tasty Halloween treats you will need small round pretzels that have those three holes in them, semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips or colored candy melts, coconut oil, food coloring, and round candies. Melt your chocolate and add in your color and when you have the color you want just over the pretzels. Place round candies to make the eyes and with a small pipe put in colored chocolate to make the eyes. 

Mummy pretzels

The pretzel fiesta has brought us to our final pretzels, the mummy pretzels. If we are plating pretzels for our Halloween party why not go all the way and serve up pretzels three ways? This is the easiest pretzel to make out of the three and all you will need is mini pretzels, ¾ cup of white chocolate chips, or white candy melts and candy eyeballs. Dip your pretzels in white chocolate and shake off the excess. Put in your eyeballs and now it’s time to make them into mummies. Pipe in white chocolate in line so they look like mummy wraps and voila you are done.

Cookie Pizza

Gordon Ramsay Halloween recipes

Source: Land O'Lakes

Let us take on some elaborate recipes from the kitchen of Gordon Ramsay and this one is the best in both worlds. Everyone loves pizza and everyone loves cookies so Gordon Ramsay thought why not make a cookie pizza if you want you can make a delicious Halloween-style cookie pizza. For the base, blend cream butter and sugar until fluffy, add eggs and vanilla, and beat it well. Put in the flour, baking soda, and salt, mix it well and lastly fold in chocolate chips. Bake your base in a pizza pan and put on the marshmallows after you are all done with the base of the pizza you can decorate it with Halloween candies to make your own Halloween-style cookie pizza.

Halloween Popcorn

Gordon Ramsay Halloween recipes

Source: I Heart Naptime

Ever since I found out about this recipe my entire life changed. Halloween popcorn is popcorn covered with a sweet buttery candy coating and that is not all, they are later tossed with Halloween candy. This snack is perfect for parties but I love them during Halloween movie nights. I love myself a bowl of Halloween popcorn while under the blanket watching my favorite horror flicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Gordon Ramsay's signature dish?

Beef Wellington is Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish. Surprisingly the dish was reportedly one of Richard Nixon’s favorite dishes as well. However, it gained the most popularity when Gordon Ramsay picked it up as his favorite signature dish. 

Q. What is the most popular food to eat on Halloween?

It’s a little tricky to tell the exact most popular Halloween food as it depends on factors like region, age group, and cultural traditions. However, here are some of the most popular Halloween dishes which are ranked higher all over the world: 

Q. What would we eat most on Halloween day?

In the United States, many families often prepare special apple and pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, caramel corn, and candy corn on Halloween. And you can also find pumpkin pie, Halloween cookies, apple cider, and colorful candies on store displays. 

Q. Why pumpkin is used on Halloween?

Pumpkin is used on Hollween because traditionally it was believed to ward off evil spirits. Carved pumpkins with lit candles inside were placed on doorsteps to safeguard homes from wandering spirits on All Hallows' Eve, making a tradition that persists to this day.

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