Publication date October 31, 2022

6 haunted houses in America that will scare you to death!

We all travel for different reasons, some travel for food, some love to see new places and meet new people and some like to visit haunted houses spread across the country. Would you like to visit these haunted houses? If yes then I am here to make your travel plans easier. Just go through our list of the most haunted houses in America and decide if you want to go there yourself. 

House of Death - New York

Haunted houses in America

Source: NYC Ghosts

Our first location is on West 10th street in New York’s Greenwich Village, and this house is famously known as the “House of Death”. If the name didn’t scare you then maybe the 22 ghosts can. It is said that all 22 people died in the house. The building has private apartments so if you want a tour you might need to pull some strings.

Villisca Axe Murder House - Iowa

Haunted houses in america

Source: House Beautiful

Villisca is a small town in Iowa with a dark history, one particular white-wood house witnessed a gruesome axe-wielding murderer who killed an entire family back in 1912. But instead of the crime being so gruesome no one was charged and the locals say the victims still roam the halls of the house yearning for justice. So do you want to visit the Villisca Axe Murder House, and are you brave enough to spend a night there?

The Whaley House Museum - San Diego

Thomas and Anna Whaley built a cozy little house in San Diego, but little did they know that their home was built in the same spot where a man named James “Yankee Jim” Robinson was hanged by the law. It didn't take long for the spirit of James Robinson to visit them. But if you visit today you will find more than James Robinson’s spirit hanging out in The Whaley House Museum. It is believed both Mr. and Mrs. Whaley’s spirits can be seen there with their family dog. Don’t believe me? Then you gotta take a tour for yourself but if you want to up your chances of meeting a spirit I would suggest you take a night tour. 

Winchester Mystery House - San Jose

This particular mansion is not haunted by a spirit, two spirits, or even ten spirits, legends have it that the mansion is haunted by everyone who was ever killed by a Winchester rifle. Now that’s a whole lot of spirits. Sarah Winchester inherited the Winchester fortune and the mansion kept adding rooms and expanding the mansion to accommodate all the spirits. The mansion is a labyrinth of hallways, rooms, and fireplaces and if you wanna visit the mansion you can. The mansion tour is available to the public so are you planning on visiting every spirit that was a victim of the Winchester rifle?

Bell Witch Cave - Tennessee

The Bell Witch Cave might be one of the places listed which has a lot of evidence backing up the claims. It’s the legend of John Bell and his daughter Betsy who were tormented by unforeseen forces. Bell and his family also saw a lot of peculiar animals on their farmland. Why do I say peculiarly well it is said they frequently saw a dog with the head of a rabbit on their farmland. But later it was found that it was Bell’s former neighbor Kate Batts who was haunting the family. The legends also say that her spirit was the reason for John Bell’s demise. So if you want to read the complete story of John Bell and his family you can visit the Bell Witch website or you can visit the Bell Witch Cave which is open for tours from May through October.

Franklin Castle - Ohio

Haunted houses in America

Source: Travel Channel

Once considered a hideout for Nazi spies, the Franklin Castle might just be the most haunted place in Ohio or that is something the good people of Ohio would like you to think. But all of them might not be that off, the Franklin Castle was once owned by Hannes Tiedemann who was known to be cruel. Tiedemann’s mother, wife, and many of his children passed away in the castle due to different complications with illnesses. However, many still think it was Hannes Tiedemann who was responsible for all the deaths. After Tiedemann, the castle had many owners including some rumors suggesting it was also a hideout for Nazis. But recent investigations have brought some disturbing things to light, so who knows all the stories might just be true but since the Franklin Castle is privately owned you cannot visit the place.

So do you want to visit any of these haunted places in America? Comment down below!

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