Publication date April 8, 2022

9 Times Gordon Ramsay Has Made Us Go “Whaaaaat?”

If Gordon Ramsay isn't veggie-bashing or insulting an underling, he's squaring up to a customer. Gordon Ramsay is arguably now more famous for his wild behavior and bottomless fury than for his cooking. He has always done his best work on Kitchen Nightmares because it gives him the freedom to attack everything from ineptitude to business strategies that don't work to borderline personality disorders at full force and with a lot of rages. His demeanor has shifted from unpleasant to aggressive, and he has no qualms about degrading his subjects. 

Here are some of his most memorable television moments.

Cafe Tavolini

Cafe Tavolini was in danger of collapsing, thanks to Keith and Lisa’s apathy towards their business. This eatery could only be saved by Gordon utilizing some significant shock therapy, so he does just that. The day after a visit from Gordon, Keith and Lisa arrived at the restaurant to find it boarded up with placards announcing that it has closed because it has gone out of business. Hopefully, this will serve as enough of a wake-up call for Keith and Lisa to get their business back on track before it is permanently closed.


Vegetarianism is strongly disliked in Ramsay's household. After being asked about his most recent lie in 2003, Ramsay said: "To a table of vegetarians who had artichoke soup. I told them it was made with vegetable stock when it was chicken stock." Once when volunteers were offered to sample the pizzas at a struggling Italian restaurant, Ramsay presented a slice of "special veggie pizza" to one of the volunteers who explained his eight-year vegetarianism. He was surprised when Ramsay asked him– “get ready” – and stated that the pizza had ham! Later, Ramsay was caught on camera, laughing and making a joke about converting a vegetarian and yelling after the volunteer — "Good luck with the Vegemite!" 

***TRIGGER WARNING*** Pet Slaughter 

Gordon Ramsay slaughtering pet pigs of his children

Source: The New Yorker

He butchered his children's pet pigs Trinny and Susannah after enlisting the help of David and Victoria Beckham to raise some lambs for The F-Word, who were then stunned with 200 volts of electricity before their throats were cut. As the pigs were electrocuted, their hind legs were tied up, they were lifted up and their necks were cut. Finally, they were put into the meat locker and left to dry out for a few days. This was compounded by the fact that Ramsay had shot and killed a reindeer at point-blank range.

Mysterious "Yelp Conspiracy"

Gordon thought Alan, the owner of one of the most dysfunctional restaurants he's ever seen, needed a wake-up call as soon as possible after visiting the establishment. Alan, on the other hand, was convinced that there was nothing wrong with his restaurant and felt that the competition was out to get him and ruin his business every time he received negative feedback. To put an end to Alan's imaginary "yelp conspiracy," Gordon brought in the real Yelp reviewers to meet Alan and his employees in person in what turned out to be the ultimate roast. This was a hard critique, but Alan learned to accept both the truth and constructive criticism. However, while Alan was becoming increasingly agitated at the negative input, the rest of the team was dozing off!

Setting the decor on fire

Setting the decor on fire kitchen nightmares

Source: YouTube

A New Jersey restaurant's tropical theme wasn't working, and we mean it when we say it wasn't working. In reality, the establishment's tropical ambiance was probably working against it. The only way to keep the restaurant's owner from bringing back the tropical design is to burn it down, and that's what Gordon did. It doesn't matter if the employees are willing or not, Chef Ramsay has them all pull out the old furnishings and menus and burn them ablaze outside the restaurant.

Three-Course Meal

Three course meal by gordon ramsay

Source: Pinterest

Before filming an episode of Have I Got News For You, Gordon has promised his audience a free dinner at his Claridge’s restaurant for every six mistakes he made. However, he seemed incapable of reading the autocue and had to retract his offer — because he had used up his quota even before the first round had ended. Although this was due to Paul Merton's constant interruptions with questions such as: "Where do you keep your Michelin stars? Do you sew them on your pajamas?" to add insult to the wound, Merton further added: "At this rate, we'll be going outlive."

Chef thrown out of a window

Chef Mike thrown out by Gordon Ramsay in Kitchen Nightmare

Source: Screen Rant

It didn’t matter how hard he tried, Chef Mike could not provide the high-quality food this restaurant was aiming for. As a result, Gordon believed he has no choice except to toss Chef Mike from a third-story window. Oh! Right! Did we mention that the kitchen staff called their microwave "Chef Mike"? Having lost their chef, the kitchen staff relied on their own culinary expertise to prepare meals from the company's newly revamped menu.

Cliff's F-word

Cliff's F-word

Source: Daily Mail

On television, Gordon Ramsay challenged Cliff Richard to a blind wine tasting when Richard had claimed he loved wine and had an estate of his own. "That's rubbish. It is tainted. It's insipid. It tastes like a vinaigrette.” “I’d never buy that" Cliff commented after a few sips of a glass of wine. In the end, the wine turned out to be from the singer’s own winery and this caused him to swear the F-word which the singer had never done before.

Brutal Rubbish Clearance

The cleanliness of the kitchen is just as crucial as the dish itself, if not more so, to Gordon Ramsay, a professional chef. When it comes to cleanliness, this cluttered eatery was the exact opposite of what you'll find in a restaurant. A pair of crusty old shoes of an unidentified owner that have been beneath a booth for who knows how long had Gordon the most shocked! The furniture that hasn't been cleaned in years, the rat droppings all over the place, or the furniture - Gordon took the entire pile of rubbish and placed it in front of the restaurant’s entrance. This prompted an extremely shocked reaction from the owner leading to a verbal altercation between him and Gordon.

Which of these are your favorite Gordon moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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