Publication date November 3, 2023

7 Easy-To-Do & Non-Invasive Face Exercises to Tighten Skin

Many of us follow a robust skincare routine in an attempt to delay aging and keep fine lines and wrinkles away.

But did you know that there are some easy-to-do face exercises to tighten skin? These exercises can be extremely helpful when it comes to keeping your skin young and healthy.  

They not only improve your blood circulation but also make the skin firm and taut.
And if you are wondering do face exercise work? Yes, it definitely works!

There has been a study that has shown it to work by Jama Network, in which participants showed around a three-year reduction in age perception after a 20-week trial. 
So, without expecting any overnight miracles, let’s try some facial exercises to tighten skin for a younger look. 

1. Face tapping

It is one of the most helpful face exercises to tighten skin and you should adopt it in your daily routine.  

Face tapping can also reduce the risk of headaches during the daytime and can also reduce puffiness on the face, especially under the eyes and in the cheek area.

Begin with the forehead, rhythmically tap your all over the face towards your jaw. This super easy exercise helps to soften and strengthen your facial muscles.

Perform this face-tapping exercise for 2 minutes daily. 

2. Cheekbone lift

Cheekbone lift

Source: Best Life

When it comes to skin-tightening face exercises, cheekbone lift exercises can be helpful as well.

This exercise is also relatively easy to do and you can do it anywhere, without any special equipment. They can be incorporated into your daily routine, so you can see results over time.

Follow these simple steps for the cheekbone lift exercise: 

  • Join your fingers (index and middle) and place them over each cheekbone.
  • Lift the skin slowly until it's a little tight.
  • Open your mouth and from a  'O'; there you will feel resistance in your cheek muscles.
  • Hold the lift for some five seconds.
  • Repeat these steps for 10-15 sets for defined cheekbones daily.

3. Eye circle

Eye circle exercise is another one of the most effective face exercises to tighten skin. This yoga exercise can boost oxygen circulation and alleviate puff in your skin.

You can start this one of skin-tightening face exercises by placing your ring fingers at the inside of your eyebrows, then gently and slowly tap towards the outside followed by pressing your temples.

Continue to tap above your cheekbones to the inner corner of your eyes. Practice it for 1 minute daily.

4. Forehead Fine Tuning 

Forehead Fine Tuning

Source: Pop Sugar

Is stressing out more than necessary got you wincing at your skin? The forehead is one of the first places where wrinkles usually appear, but a single exercise can take care of them right away.

The best thing about forehead fine-tuning exercise is that you can do it anywhere without making weird faces.

With barely any steps, you can do this facial exercise by making a surprised face. 
Acting surprised can smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines from your forehead.

Keep your forehead frozen, widen your eyes, and repeat 8-10 times a day, and you are done.

5. Double Chin Exercise

For giving you that not-so-cute double chin, you can blame a muscle called platysma.

Platysma connects your jawline to your shoulders, and its loosening leads to sagging skin on the neck.

But these cheeks sagging exercises will make sure they are back to being tight. This will help you tone your neck, chin, and jaw area.

You can start this exercise by following the below-given instructions:
Stand or sit straight, pick a position that is most convenient for you. Look up and tilt your head to the back.
Hold your head still, and touch your tongue to the roof of the mouth. There may be a slight prickly pain in your neck due to the contraction of muscles.
Now, let go gently and bring your chin down to its normal position. Repeat this exercise in sets of five, with each set lasting about 25-30 seconds of tongue hold.

6. Facial Yoga 

Facial yoga

Source: Young Living

With this single facial yoga exercise, you don’t need to search for “5 face yoga exercises to tighten a saggy neck” anymore.

This exercise works on firming the muscles of your face and neck. Additionally, it improves blood circulation and tones facial muscles.

That is the reason why this exercise also falls under the list of face exercises to tighten skin.

Simply, take a deep breath through your mouth while maintaining a straight posture. Now, hold your breath in your cheeks by puffing them out. Exhale and repeat this exercise for 8-10 times.

There are many advantages of face yoga for mental health, making it an appealing practice to acquire.

Regular face yoga practice can help you be present in the moment, lower tension and anxiety, and even boost your self-esteem.'

7. Brow Raiser 

Brow Raiser

Source: Gulf News

You can perform the brow raiser exercise to help perk up your eyebrows and keep them where they belong. 

Aging and constant wincing can make your eyebrows droop, but with a few easy steps, you can get them to behave and stay raised naturally. 

You may also desire taut eyebrows as many other women, and this is how you can get it. 

  • Stick your index and middle finger together
  • Place your fingers right above the brows and push the skin down
  • Make your eyebrows go up and down; all the while adding tension with your fingers pushing down
  • Repeat these face exercises before and after sleep for 6 sets daily with 10 eyebrow raises and drops per set


Hopefully, these face exercises to tighten skin will be helpful for you. You can simply do these above-mentioned 7 face exercises in your free time because these are non-invasive. 

Also, doing these face exercises is the most natural way to give your skin a long-lasting inside glow. 

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