Publication date June 24, 2022

7 Gorgeous Celebrities Reveal Their Skincare Secret for Perfect Skin

Flawless skin is the first thing we notice whenever we see a celebrity. And let’s be honest we have all wondered what could be their secret skincare routine. I mean they must have a skincare routine since maintaining radiant skin is in their job description. Most A-list celebrities have world-class dermatologists and aestheticians at the ready. Being surrounded by so many skin experts for so many years, many celebs soak up the knowledge and become experts on how to keep their skin healthy. So today we are going to look at some brilliant advice by celebrities that will help you keep your skin at goddess level.

Water and sleep go a long way

Lea Michele

Source: Glamour

Lea Michele’s advice for all of us who want flawless skin is to drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep. Lea shares her personal experience saying “ the most I ever see a difference in my skin is when I’m well-rested . That makes the biggest difference in how your skin glows, the texture and coloring of your skin”.

No one can overstate the benefits of drinking enough water and staying well hydrated- water improves our digestive system which is very important for our skin and it will hydrate our body from inside and out. But many might have this question: how much water should one drink? It is rather easy to calculate, just divide your weight in half and drink that amount in ounces.

A holistic approach

Olivia Culpo

Source: Today Show

Olivia Culpo took her skin care regimen up a notch with a holistic approach that goes beyond cleaning your skin daily. Olivia Culpo sharing the new approach to skincare said “I started changing my diet. I tried to incorporate more greens and cut out dairy. This made such a difference.” Olivia Culpo continued “ I love ice cream. Ice cream has both sugar and dairy, which can be hard for your body to digest. Once I cut this out of my diet for a while and added more greens and added more greens, my skin began to clear up.” 

It is true leafy greens can help you with your skin. Leafy greens have zinc in them which can help with acne and others have antioxidants that will protect your skin and keep it healthy.

DIY masks

Priyanka Chopra

Source: Insider

The next tip is from Priyanka Chopra, winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant and she shares her recipe for a DIY facemask that will work like magic. The recipe is pretty simple, mix equal parts of oatmeal and yogurt (2 tablespoons) with turmeric (2 teaspoons). Give it a good mix, apply and leave for 30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. 

Yogurt has been used as the key ingredient in many DIY facemasks for years. The main reason behind that many studies has found that yogurt will help your skin maintain elasticity and also help in retaining moisture. And oatmeal is a proven anti-inflammatory that will help decrease redness, itchiness, and dryness of your skin.

A well-rounded approach

Olivia Palermo

Source: Page Six

Olivia Palermo suggests an approach that factors in all that might affect your skin. Drinking lots of water, eating food that is full of antioxidants, protecting your skin from the sun, and finding products that will work best for you. A well-rounded routine will benefit your skin the most according to Olivia Palermo.

Be stress-free

Cate Blanchette

Source: USA Today

Studies have shown that stress has a major impact on our bodies. And stress can also be a factor that may lead to early skin aging. And that’s why Cate Blanchett’s skincare revolves around being stress-free. And Cate Blanchette claims she is big on massages and spa days and will get a massage whenever she can. So taking time and indulging in a little self-love might not be so bad. So ladies have your spa day or just have a long relaxing bath. It can help your skin stay smooth and clear.

Adjust according to your skin’s needs

Australian model and founder of LUMAbeauty, Jessica Hart’s advice for all of us is to adjust accordingly. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. Your skincare needs will change over time. It will change based on the weather or if you move to a different part of the world. So we all need to observe and adjust our diet and the skincare products we use for clean and healthy skin.

Try new things

Sofia Vergera

Source: Fox News

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is not afraid of experimenting and frankly, it’s not a bad idea. Not all products work for everyone. So an approach where you try different products until you find the one that suits your skincare needs the best might be the way to go about it. And that’s what Sofia Vergara does. But while experimenting it would be best to work with a skin expert that can guide you through. 

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