Publication date July 27, 2022

7 Mobile games that will help you relax after a hectic day at work

Our mobile phones today have become an extension of our lives. They are no longer just a device that you use when you want to get in touch with someone. Today our mobile phones hold our lives in them. Our phones are a source of information, they entertain us when we want and they can also give us the much-needed relaxation we need after a hectic day of work. How do you ask? Well just download the games mentioned below and you’ll be set for a relaxing and fun evening. 

Monument Valley

Monument valley a mobile that will help you relax

Source: Polygon

Monument Valley has one of the most gorgeous art styles which you will find very calming. And if you enjoy solving puzzles then this game is for you. This game has the perfect balance between great puzzles, beautiful art design, and a soothing soundtrack. And the game has a surprisingly good storyline that will keep you intrigued throughout your entire gameplay. Not to forget about the beautiful world the developers have created that you can just soak up. Monument Valley is a perfect game to play after a hectic day of work.


2048 a relaxing mobile game

Source: wikiHow

If numbers are your thing then 2048 is the perfect game for you. 2048 is puzzler meets a strategy game. The game might look simple at the first glance but once you play the game more and more you realize the strategy behind it. All you have to do is move numbered tiles on a grid to seek the magical number 2048. As I mentioned before, don't be fooled by the game’s simple approach. But all things considered, there is nothing better than finally reaching the magical sum.


Osmos a relaxing mobile game

Source: GameFabrique

The next title on your list has music that will calm you down and soothe your soul. If you are looking for a mobile game that will take you to a transcendent state of mind then Osmos is the game for you. The gameplay is simple, you are floating in the vast space and your goal is to consume anything smaller than you. What could be more serene than floating in the neverending space with music in your ears that just fill you up with warmth


Finch a relaxing mobile game

Source: The Spectrum

Finch is a caretaker game and there is a reason I personally love playing this game. But before delving into that let me tell you a bit about the game first. Finch is all about taking care of your virtual pet. But why I love the game is because your caregiving routine can also be a self-care bullet journal. The love and care I put into my virtual pet also affect my daily mood. I have found that Finch helps me better process my thoughts and emotions. And if you want a mobile game that will keep you relaxed and in a good mood then you can try out Finch.


Life can be stressful but you cannot just take out the parts that stress us out. But Prune will let you do exactly that. In Prune, you can take out anything that does not work for you and keep only the things that do. Don’t you wish life was that simple? And if you are anything like me you will find Prune’s minimalist approach very therapeutic.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey relaxing mobile game

Source: The Verge

It is just not possible for me to make a list of mobile games and not put an endless runner on the list. And Alto’s Odyssey might be the most relaxing one. Armed with great visuals and calm music you will be grinding on ropes, Doing backflips, and jumping on hot air balloons to achieve a higher score each time. Alto’s Odyssey lets you just lay back and enjoy fun gameplay with soothing music playing in your ears.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

This game is exactly what the title of the game says, you try to collect cats. But how do you go about doing that? Just fill up your virtual backyard with beds, toys, and food, and then wait for your furry little friends. The best part of this game is you don’t have to play it regularly. Just pop in the game whenever you feel like it and check out your furry friends. Your goal is simply to fill up your catbook with all kinds of different kitties. I’m pretty sure after a tough day at work you will love to go back to this game and spend some quality time with your friends.

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