Publication date October 27, 2023

7 Must-Have Best Lipstick Shades for Women Over 40

Are you looking for the perfect lipstick shade that older women can wear confidently? If you are someone over 40 and looking for the best lipstick shades for you, I have got you covered! 

You may have always been a lipstick person, In fact, I rarely left the house without wearing lipstick. 

Over the years I have tried many brands and I am sure so do you. But as an older woman, your lips have been changing and you may always look for that new awesome product to feel more confident and beautiful.

After examining thousands of reviews, I have come up with a list of 7 lipstick shades for older women that you must try out. 

1. Pink based Nude 

Pink based Nude

Source: IPSY

For times when you just want to go subtle with a more natural look, a pink-based nude shade is perfect for you. 

Instead of not showing your bold side all the time, you can wear the beautiful pink-based nude lip color and let it blend in with the rest of your makeup. 

Nude colors are always flattering on mature lips and will ensure they have a hint of natural tint giving your lovely face the much-needed radiance. 

2. Brick 

Brick shade lipstick

Source: De-Lanci

The shade comes in a fruity color that is bright and has a darker look to it.  It is a great choice for cool and wintery days when you want to go a bit load with makeup colors.

It has this warm shade that looks great on yellow and golden skin tones making it among the best lipstick colors for old women.

A brick color shade is certainly a good choice as the best lipstick shade for older women when you’re in the mood to make a statement with the color.  

You can balance it with a cool gray, sage green, mint, or turquoise outfit, and let the pouts speak for themselves.

3. Red Wine 

Red Wine Lipstick

Source: Social Ornament

Red Wine shade is just a bold color that looks gorgeous on older women, this deeply pigmented shade can add depth and warmth to your looks. 

If you are looking for a bright lipstick then this one is undoubtedly a top pick for you. You can express your inner strength and grit of character with the sheer intensity of the color as you carry it off with grace. 

Definitely, it is the best lipstick for older women because who does not like Red lips? Also, wine red also has many shades ranging from burgundy to more muted shades, so you can choose according to your preferences. 

4. Brown based Nude 

Brown based nude lipstick

Source: Haul of Fame

If you want to go nude and look gorgeous too, then this is just the shade that you should check out for.  A nude lipstick for brown skin is always an amazing choice.

Brown is an earthly color and is just the perfect lipstick for older women with its composed and dependable vibe. 

If you want to showcase the powerful side of you, pick a taupe shade that has a gray shade to it. The versatility of the color effortlessly makes it one of the best lipstick shades for older women with its cool undertones.

5. Classic Red 

Classic red lipstick

Source: InStyle

No matter whether you are looking for what color lipstick should a 70-year-old woman wear or the best lipstick for a 30-year-old woman, this classy red lipstick shade is just perfect for everyone. 

So is it possible to not talk about this classic red shade? 

This lipstick shade has an amazing appeal to it and that has made this shade one of the favorite choices for women through times, across ages and color barriers. 

This magical shade offers the face a touch of luminosity that pairs perfectly with almost any outfit. 

When you’re in the mood to have fun with colors, pick a classic red lipstick and give your lips the most attractive look.

6. Berry 

Berry shade lipstick

Source: Pinterest

A berry shade or a pinkish-berry tint can be another best lipstick shade for you. There are several color options available in this lipstick shade for the older women category.

Whether you have white skin or warm-toned mature skin, having berry-colored lipstick is a must-have for you. 

This berry-colored lipstick looks good on all skin tones. As an older woman you may want to keep it light, so pick something that complements your personality.

7. Brown 

If you are over 40 and have mature lips then it does not mean that you cannot go dark and emphatic. 

brown lipstick shade

Source: EA Law

The brown lipstick shade lets you have supermodel vibes about you any time of the day. 

This shade is personally my favorite because it just boosts my confidence about my looks. Also, if you are searching for lip colors for dark skin then let me tell you that this brown color is perfect for all skin tones and you can wear it every day. 

Brown is more wearable than any other lipstick shade having a touch of earthly tone. It warms up the complexion instantly, and it pairs amazingly well with a simple makeup look. 

The bottom line?

Don’t get stereotyped about your age and color! I have given you the 7 best lipstick shades for older women and now there’s nothing that can hold back your gracefully glamorous looks! 

Just make sure that you have a quality product that gives your lips good hydration.

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