Publication date December 18, 2022

7 red flags that you should never ignore in your relationship!

When we are in a relationship we often overlook many red flags. Sometimes we might not notice these red flags until it’s too late. But that is not healthy for your relationship or your mental health. There are a number of unhealthy behaviours in a relationship like manipulation, aggression, gaslighting etc. To help you identify the negative traits quicker we have put together a list of seven red flags that you should never ignore.

Being controlling

If your partner is trying to control every aspect of your relationship and your life then that is a big no-no. This behaviour is often observed in people who are jealous by nature, and if your partner is jealous then you might notice him/her trying to control you but do not ignore this toxic trait. If you ignore this then over time it may turn into something uglier.


Being honest and loyal to your partner is of utmost importance. If your partner is constantly lying to you then it is the biggest red flag in your relationship. Sometimes we might catch them in a lie and think it’s not very significant. But a lie is a lie, if your partner is lying to you about small things then he can definitely lie to you about major things too. So be very careful when you spot this red flag. 

The critic

We all are looking for a supportive partner but if your partner criticises you every chance he/she gets then it is a red flag for sure. If you are being put down or criticised constantly then, in the long run, it will cause you to have lower self-esteem and you might turn into a much more insecure person. So if your partner is your biggest critic then you guys need to have a long chat about where your relationship is going.

No Compromises

In a relationship sometimes we need to compromise because it’s not just about you anymore. The decisions you take will also affect your partner directly or indirectly. So if you are in a relationship with someone who is not willing to compromise even for the slightest things then I’m afraid your relationship is going down a very toxic route. No compromises are a big red flag and always keep an eye out for that.

Lack of support

I really feel sorry for the people who are stuck in a relationship with someone who doesn’t support them. Everyone deserves a partner who will love, support and be by their side. Be it your hobby, family issues or a new venture if your partner is unsupportive then this is a red flag you should not ignore. If you ignore it then it will definitely cost you in the long run.

Avoiding difficult situations

We all need someone to stand by us when we are facing a tough situation. But if your partner lets you face tough situations alone then it is a huge problem. In a healthy relationship your partner will know you are going through a difficult situation and reach out to you with a helping hand but if that is not the case in your relationship then it certainly is a red flag.

Refusing to communicate

Every healthy relationship is built on healthy communication and if your partner refuses to communicate then it is a BIG red flag. Always remember both of you should be able to express yourselves freely in your relationship. If you both do not communicate with each other then it will give rise to many problems for you in your relationship.

So what do you think of these red flags? Comment down below! 


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