Publication date October 29, 2023

7 Trendy Colours for Room that Will Make It More Welcoming

Looking for some inviting and luxurious colors for your room?

Colors for a room are of the most important in creating a room that is both reflective of your taste, and conducive to relaxation.  Every conceivable aspect of design, from flooring to bedding is heavily influenced by your color palette.

Colors for a room

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But, with so many paint colors and finishes available in the market to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right one.

Picking colors for a room feels particularly personal. So maybe you're looking for a happy hue that will set the tone for some much-needed serenity after a tiring day.

We understand the struggle, which is why here we have come up with the best colors for the room after noting the pro-approved picks of several color experts.

From relaxing to romantic, here are 7 trendy calm bedroom paint color ideas you won't soon regret.

1. Dark gray

Dark gray room

Source: MagicBricks

Looking for a modern bedroom look? Dark Grey shades add deep, warm tones and of course a modern appeal.

It also creates a relaxing and easy-to-sleep-in atmosphere for you, while also giving out subtle undertones and putting emphasis on other colors in the room.

There are many shades of Grey available in the Market that you can explore to help achieve your desired look.  

If you want colors that make a room look bigger then you can go for a lighter side of dark grey that offers space and light. On the other hand, darker tones bring a certain warmth and depth to a room.

Dark gray may not look like it at the surface level, but it is a pretty flexible color. If you decide to go with a darker gray for your new room color, consider using shades of red, green, blue, brown, and purple in your room as well.

2. Lavender 

Lavender colour room

Source: 99acres

Nowadays, Lavender is one of the most trendy colors for the room. Softer shades of lavender can offer you a calming and more welcoming atmosphere in a room.

Which is why it can be a great choice for the kid’s bedroom. You can also add lavender with lighter grays, whites, and yellows.

Lavender is known for its therapeutic, relaxing qualities, which makes it another calming and restful color. Usually, we associate a Lavender with the plant’s scent, but the same is true of the color.

3. Light green

Light green room

Source: Puffy

Green color has always been a popular choice for people, but software tones of green evoke clean, earthy tones, making feel a bit more soothing.

If you are looking for relaxation colors for your bedroom to make it feel more natural then you should give a tone of light green a shot.

There are many colors in light green but sage green, mint green, and pale green are a few popular choices.

4. Light pink

Light pink room

Source: Design Cafe

Many people choose Pink color as a fun and comforting color for their rooms.

However, darker colors or vibrant shades of pink can get overwhelming, so lighter shades of pink, such as rose pink are the way to go. That is why it comes in our list of 7 trendy calm bedroom paint colors.

If you choose the right shade of pink then it can also make your room feel elegant and classy. Light colors of rose pink blend well with warm copper or light gold accents, along with blues, greens, and grays. 

5. White

White colour room

Source: Houzz

If you want an energizing and bright bedroom color for your bedroom, then you should consider different shades of white.  

And if you are wondering what paint colors make rooms look bigger, then white is the color.  White color walls open the space and make a room look larger than it is.

Additionally, it provides a great palette for adding splashes of color to the décor. And since white is such a versatile color, you can just use any accent color you want.

6. Light yellow

Light yellow room

Source: homedit

When it comes to cheerful colors for the room, yellow likely comes to mind. By using a light yellow color in a bedroom, it can create a happy, energetic space.

A standard yellow may be a bit too vibrant for a bedroom, but lighter shades of yellow find a perfect balance between calming and cheerful.

Green, black, grey, purple, and red are all colors that would complement yellow nicely. But, I personally recommend using white color with light yellow, it will give you nothing but a more calming and inviting room.

7. Royal purple

Royal purple room

Source: Deavita

In case you want a more elegant and edgy look for your room, deep shades of purple can be the perfect choice for you.

Royal purple is an aesthetically pleasing bedroom color that makes a big statement. While certainly a more challenging color to implement, there’s no denying the dignified, sophisticated vibe that royal purple brings to a room.

If you are a purple fan then Royal purple is an excellent bedroom color to try out, along with shades of gold, silver, copper, and white to complete the elegant look.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this blog was helpful for you! With so many different shades of colors to choose from, you have endless bedroom color options. And above 7 calming colors for the bedroom are the top choices of many experts.

But still, I’d like to add that it’s your home so choose whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and matches your furniture the best.

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