Publication date October 20, 2023

8 Coolest Tattoos for Older Women That Are Both Unique and Stylish

Getting a tattoo when one is old is a brilliant way to go against time and aging. You can become the cool grandmother or mother you have always wanted to be.

No matter how old are you or your identity, getting some ink can be a wonderful experience you have in life.

So if you are someone who is over 50 years old and has never gotten a tattoo or it has been a long time since you got the last one, there are a few amazing ideas to consider. 

But these ideas are a bit different from younger ones because older skin feels different and might react in a different way when getting a tattoo. 

Also, you may have questions about what older people get tattooed on them or whether is it silly to get back in the tattoo chair and get ink at an older age.

So getting a tattoo is not silly it is like art, and it is for anyone who wants it. But yes there are some additional things to consider when getting a tattoo over a certain age. 

To help with that, here are the top 8 coolest tattoos for older women that are both unique and stylish:

1. Flower Tattoos

flower tattoo on a older women

Source: Pinterest

Getting a flower tattoo can be a fantastic idea for older women. 

Simply before you get a tattoo, decide on a tattoo with an inherently soft design, if you are concerned that it will harden your appearance. 

And it is completely up to you what to choose. You may choose to have a little delicate design or a larger one to hide some scars or stretch marks and yet look feminine. 

And it is not always necessary to hold a special significance for you when you get a tattoo. 

Sometimes they could be only an artistic expression, and that is why there are endless flower tattoo ideas for women. Besides, each and every tattoo looks so lovely and enduring. 

2. Filigree 


Source: Pinterest

Despite the fact that Filigree became popular in the mid-1600s, it still looks cooler and won’t go out of style any soon. Because it has been heavily used as an ornamental design element for ages. 

It will give a feeling of nostalgia, and if you don’t want to go too over the top, by choosing a big design, you can get a minimalistic filigree design as well. 

There are unlimited designs you can choose from, according to your preferences. 

But, no matter what design or size you choose it looks stunning and elegant female tattoo for all the older women out there.

3. Evil Eye Design

evil eye tattoo

Source: Pinterest

It is never too late to get a tattoo, like this lady who got an evil eye tattoo for the first time at the age of 70. 

An evil eye tattoo is one of the trendy and cool tattoos nowadays, not only older people are getting it but also younger people are also admiring it. 

An eye tattoo may represent many things, depending on the design you choose. For example, you can also go for The Third Eye and the Eye of Horus tatted, these are the two most popular ocular objectives. 

Many people say that these eye tattoos provide protection, shielding people from negative energy and fostering good karma. 

So, It can be a wise choice for you to get your first tattoo portraying protection from the evil eye to you.

4. Lettering

 lettering tattoo

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t want to have a floral or filigree tattoo then choose a subtle lettering tattoo. 

Quotes and phrases have always been adored by people. And can be the perfect choice for you as well. 

Since women over 50 are less inclined to purchase anything current and are more confident of the words, quotations, and figures of speech that have enduring value to them, in that case, lettering is particularly well suited to a more mature demographic.

5. Tattoos on Arms

A sleeve tattoo is another idea in the list of coolest tattoos for older women. 

Sleeve tattoos are often seen to be on the riskier side, as they are usually bigger than other small tattoos. 

But if you are someone daring who likes to face challenges and stay strong, with a professional tattoo artist you can get arm tattoos without any risk. 

It is your decision what to choose and you have the freedom to be anyone you want to be, whether you want to be a feminine, a professional businessman, or a granny. 

It is all about you going with your instincts and doesn’t allow others' opinions to stop you. 

6. Matching Initials With Your Partner

Matching initials tattoo with your partner

Source: Pinterest

You can give a lovely gesture to your life partner by getting their initials inked on you. 

As you can see in this picture, simply get a tattoo of your husband's first letter of their name. It will have a lovely, sleek, and sophisticated appearance that your partner will undoubtedly fall in love with. 

By putting symbols above the letter, you can also make use of different font creativity, such as a heart or a crown. 

7. Uplifting Quotes

If you don’t want to have large graphics on your arms and chest, you may love to choose to have more delicate tattoos. 

As you can see in the above image an old woman with a beautiful quote tattoo, which clearly looks coolest. 

You can have any quote according to your life experiences, and that will not only make you look attractive but also uplift you no matter what challenges you are facing in your life. 

8. Lavender Springs

lavender spring tattoo

Source: Pinterest

The last tattoo in our list of coolest tattoos for older women is this elegant lavender spring tattoo. 

As I already mentioned, you don’t need to always have tattoos that hold a special significance, sometimes it just feels nice to have some tattoos that are only an artistic expression. 

And this tattoo is just like that if you are an artist or a creative person who loves to do experiments, you should definitely add this tattoo to your tattoo list. 

By getting a lavender spring tattoo just like the old lady in the image, you can keep the spring close by throughout the entire year and it is also feminine and pleasant. 

Flowers are always pleasant which is why I tried to add two floral tattoo ideas to this list. 

So, if you are still unsure how to begin with getting a tattoo process simply google “best places to get tattoos on your body near you.”

You will end up finding many places, so choose a professional tattoo artist and just tell them about what tattoo you want to have, you can also begin with a simple floral tattoo. 

It is also important to note that you consider tattoo care tips given by your tattoo artist Whether a tattoo will look good after healing depends on aftercare. Regularly, wash, moisturize, and refrain from touching the affected area. 

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