Publication date December 6, 2021

8 Relationship Tips That Will Stand The Test Of Time


In a world where change is the only constant, it helps to have your own person. A person you can go home to, wake up next to, and share every detail of your life with. But relationships are hard, right? In all of humanity’s collective experience, we know that it is better to be single than to be with the wrong person. I mean, think about all of your relationships that did not work out - except for the ones that did not pan out because of bad timing, long-distance, and other factors that have nothing to do with your ex-partner, all the other ones that failed would have seemed like an immense amount of work. 

We’re not saying that the perfect relationship means that the partners are soulmates. But we do know that with a little bit of work, relationships can be the beautiful, breezy life experience that you completely deserve. So, aren't you curious to know what these relationship tips are? Let's get down to business then!

Honesty is Everything

At the root of a good relationship, there is honesty. The problem with us is that if we are faced with confrontation or any kind of problem, our immediate instinct is to tell things that the other person wants to hear. While we do that to hurt the other person less, it is counterintuitive for a healthy relationship. Instead of struggling with something by yourself, you can talk openly with your partner. Most of our fear is only about how we are going to convey what’s on our minds but not the actual outcome. You will be surprised how much easier a relationship can get after one honest conversation.

Respect Goes the Longest Way

One of the biggest reasons that couples start drifting apart is the lack of respect for each other. We are not talking about blatant disrespect like belittling someone or feel entitled to privileges. Those as reg flags and if you’re seeing someone who is openly disrespectful, you need to run!

The kind of disrespect we’re talking about here is subtle - like not including the other person's choices in important decisions, or not considering their opinion. Consider this: if you have been suggesting that your partner try black currant ice cream for a long time but they have not considered it, the minute a colleague suggests it they try it and like it. While you might feel disrespected, it’s not a deal-breaker. In these cases, your partner might not be doing it on purpose. It is natural to take things for granted once we are used to them for a long time. The only resolution is to constantly remind yourself of the value your partner adds to your life and also have honest conversations when you are hurt.

Know to Take a Joke

A robust relationship is one where partners have a good sense of humor and can take a joke. As long as the joke is not hurtful or disrespectful, it’s okay to let your partner pull your leg once in a while. If anything, it shows that they are comfortable enough with you to take that liberty.

Personal Space is Underrated

As the dynamics of modern-day relationships change, it has become common for partners to recharge away from each other and come back stronger. It could be on a daily basis, a few days in a month, or any type of getaway. But people who take some time away from their partners do have a greater appreciation for their relationship. As the decades roll by, relationships are not entirely conventional and these days, you can even find partners who sleep in different rooms. 

The important thing here is to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page about what personal space means to you. There is a thin line between personal space and distancing yourself from your partner and it is crucial to not cross that line.

Partners That Play Together Stay Together

Another pillar of a healthy relationship is when partners engage with each other’s hobbies and activities. This could be starting the day off with a jog together or watching a series together. We would ideally suggest taking up newer skills that both partners can learn from scratch. These are extremely fun and will always give you something to look forward to. It essentially means quality time together. If you have children, you can also include them in these activities and bond together as a family. 

Privacy Matters

Very rarely in relationships, you might feel like your partner is keeping important information from you. In those cases, you might be tempted to invade their privacy and access their devices and find out for yourself. But we strongly advise against that. The first step would be to talk to your partner about it. Not in a confrontational way or an accusatory tone. Go in with the genuine intent of finding out what you want to know. If your partner feels attacked, there is no going back to normal for either of you. Make sure that you get a convincing answer or the truth from your partner. Because if you are still doubtful, it also affects the relationship badly.

Support Each Other’s Goals

A person is more than just their relationship. If someone were to ask you how you would describe yourself, it would not be by your relationship, job, or any aspect of your life. A relationship is just a part of your life. So think about who you and your partner are outside of the relationship and help each other with accomplishing goals in every aspect of both of your lives. This creates a basis for friendship, which is according to us THE most important aspect of a good relationship. 

Opposite Always Doesn’t Attract

While it helps to have some differences in opinions and life goals from your partner, extremely different viewpoints and aspirations can break a relationship. When a relationship is getting serious, it is extremely crucial to have “the talk” even if it’s uncomfortable. This means discussing relationship expectations, religious viewpoints, political views, and anything else that is important to both of you. If your partner brings up a topic for discussion, do not dismiss it as trivial. Engage in it, give your honest opinion and make your partner feel heard. 

This is pretty much it! Make sure that you imbibe these points while navigating the complexities of your relationship and Mr./Ms. Right will be there to stay in your life. Did we cover everything that it takes to make relationships work? Let us know in the comments section about the things that have worked for you when your relationship seemed rocky. 



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