Publication date November 2, 2023

8 Toxic Traits To Watch Out For In a Relationship

A toxic relationship is devoid of happiness and often takes and drains a lot of energy. At some point of time we all have experienced toxic relationships whether it’s with a romantic interest, with a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. Recognizing toxic signs in a relationship is essential for your well-being and emotional health. Relationships are co-created based on connection, love and support. A relationship is however not always perfect all the time. There will be a time when all relationships will show some signs of toxicity, though they don't necessarily have to be completely toxic. So, how do you know the relationship that you have is really toxic or heading towards toxicity? There are some behaviors and traits that cross the line and make it unrecoverable.  

Here are ten toxic signs to watch out for in a relationship:

Lack of Trust

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If you constantly feel suspicious or your partner is overly jealous and controlling, it can be a toxic sign. If you don't feel like opening up completely and you can't be radically honest about your feelings then it's difficult to establish trust within intimate relationships. Ofcourse, the level of trust and openness varies according to the nature and depth of the relationship. 

Emotional Abuse

 Emotional abuse can manifest as insults, criticism, manipulation, and belittling. It erodes your self-esteem and emotional well-being. Constantly feeling burdened by the relationship dynamics and feeling heavy after spending time with them can be a sign that you are experiencing emotional abuse on an internal level. Also, if your partner constantly finds a chance to put you down then it's a sign that they are emotionally abusive. If they constantly point out your past mistakes and rub it under your nose then it's a sign that they are toxic.


 If your partner tries to isolate you from friends and family, it's a warning sign of a controlling and potentially abusive relationship. You have lost the sense of other relationships in your life and they constantly try to keep you separated from your other significant relationships. Whether it’s rooting from lack of self esteem or tarnished self worth, they try to wedge a gap between your solid relationships so that they will have you all by themselves. 

Lack of Communication

Healthy communication is essential for resolving conflicts and understanding each other. Being able to listen to someone without being judgemental and blaming is what it takes for the relationship to last long. If your partner refuses to communicate or stonewalls you during disagreements, then it is a sign that your partner cannot sustain a long term relationship and could potentially be toxic. 


Gaslighting is a form of manipulation where your partner denies reality, making you doubt your own perceptions and experiences. Gaslighting can be used to guilt-trip a person into taking actions against their wishes and then altering their identities and reality to fit the agenda of the abuser. The one who gaslights, his words and actions never seem to match and have any correlation. This might make the partner lose their sanity and question their own identity.

Physical Abuse

Any form of physical violence or aggression is a clear toxic sign and should not be tolerated. Physical abuse is a sign of toxic relationships and should not be taken lightly. Physical abuse is not limited to just beating or slapping but showing rage and excessive aggression is also a sign of physical abuse. 

Controlling Behavior

If your partner tries to control your every move, such as your appearance, social interactions, or finances, it's a toxic sign. Your partner can show subtle signs of control even in the way they behave with you on a daily basis. Just know that these signs and behaviors are often arising from the insecurity stemmed within your partner. 

Constant Criticism

Constructive criticism can be healthy, but constant negativity and criticism that damages your self-esteem is toxic. Constantly nagging your partner to get things done can be a sign that the relationship will turn toxic. So, if you find that your partner is constantly criticizing you and is unwilling to understand that their comments hurt you even after repeatedly telling them the same, then you are in a toxic relationship.

8 Toxic Traits To Watch Out For In a Relationship

Source: Men's Health

Unwillingness to Compromise

Relationships require compromise from both parties. If your partner is consistently unwilling to meet you halfway, it can be a problem. If it is you only who compromises then chances are that you are being taken for granted and taken advantage in a relationship. Compromises that take away your core essence is a sign that your partner is not interested in growing with you, and is rather a toxic person who is unwilling to get molded. 

Double Standards

If your partner holds you to different standards than they hold themselves, it's a sign of inequality and unfairness in the relationship. They behave differently with you and they don’t practice what they preach, which is an absolute sign of maintaining double standards. 

If you recognize any of these toxic signs in your relationship, it's essential to take action to protect your well-being. This may include setting boundaries, seeking counseling, or, in severe cases, ending the relationship. Your safety and emotional health should always be your top priority. Everyone deserves a healthy relationship and a fulfilling relationship and not having one is equivalent to being lonely even while being in a relationship.

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