Publication date November 17, 2023

80's Movies That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

80’s movies are everyone’s favourite as they have the potential to drive everyone to a specific world that is filled with nostalgia and classic love.

The light-hearted nostalgia of movies based in the 80s is fuelled by our penchant for fashion. With this, we see some of our favourite actors such as Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, and several others.

These actors are the only reason why we should re-watch these movies again and again. In our list, we have a variety of 80s nostalgia movies that have some kind of warning, drive people’s attention on certain issues, etc.

These issues include police brutality, racial inequality, and sexism. These movies were made and released around 30 to 40 years ago, but still, in today’s era, these issues are prevalent.

Let’s understand about some of the best 80s blockbuster movies that will surely make you feel nostalgic. Here’s our pick of the best 80’s movies out there.

1. 9 to 5 (1985)

This movie sets the tone when women were allowed to choose their options for careers and gain financial independence for themselves. This movie was inspired by a movement to empower female workers.

9 to 5 movie

Source: BBC News

This movie sees three colleagues that is played by Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton who take revenge on their obscene boss and kidnap him in order to start a workplace revolution.

It doesn’t have a reputation for being the second-highest-earned film of 1980 in the United States. Its theme song was written by Parton who became one of the greatest hits of the 80s.

2. Fame (1980)

The classic musical is inspiring for eager performers and all those who are devoted to pursuing their biggest dreams and goals.

Fame movie

Source: Shondaland

The movie was set in a New York City (NYC) performing arts High School. The movie follows the complex lives of teenagers as they guide their dreams and skills while under huge stress and pressure.

3. Terms of Endearment (1983)

This particular movie is a comedy-drama that pulls at the heartstrings. This movie depicts the everlasting bond between a mother and a daughter who documents 30 years of their relationship. 

 Terms of Endearment  movie

Source: IMDB

During this time, they struggle with correlating problems as well. Shirley MacLaine as Aurora searches for her true love whereas her daughter Debra Winger as Emma faces marital issues.

4. Do The Right Thing (1989)

The film uncovers racial tensions between White, Korean, Italian, Hispanic, and 80s black movies communities in New York suburbs and comments on police brutality, gentrification, white privilege, and global warming.

This movie is indicated as culturally substantial and appropriate 30 years later, particularly the ending, the movie is a cinematic masterpiece.

In addition to this, Rosie Perez's old-school dancing to Public Enemy’s rallying anthem ‘Fight the Power’ still remains one of the finest opening film intros in terms of the history of 80’s movies.

5. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Billy Crystal as Harry and Meg Ryan as Sally played the best role in this movie which takes us to the wonders of the nostalgic era through their acting.

One of the all-time great rom-coms, “When Harry Met Sally” is a perfect movie that allows Nora Ephron to whisk you back to the 1980s in order to watch the friendship between Harry and Sally.

When Harry met Sally movie

Source: IMDB

The relationship story between Harry and Sally blossoms into one of the greatest relationship stories of all time. 

When we consider that the film is more than 30 years old, the line, “I’ll have what she is having” seems relatively advanced in terms of portraying female sexuality.

6. The Breakfast Club (1985)

One of the original high school movies, “The Breakfast Club” is another 80s blockbuster movie and is still considered a rite-of-passage three decades later. 

This movie has adolescent themes of identity who are stumbling to fit in and search your tribe and acting to be something they are not.

But the reference points of the 80s are there as well with Molly Ringwald’s hair, the Simple Minds soundtrack and, this is the same case with a lot of older entertainment, the homophobic and sexist jokes and scenes which certainly do not fly in the current day.

Final Thoughts

These are the best six 80’s movies of all time that will drive you back in the era where nostalgia surrounded everyone and the love was in the air. 

These movies are not only nostalgic but also deliver a message to people regarding several public issues and concerns. 

If you want to feel that nostalgia and love, then make sure to watch these movies that will remind you of the time of your childhood.

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