Publication date August 17, 2022

9 classic picnic foods! But are they worth it?

For me, summers have always been about picnics, And a picnic is incomplete without a feast. So I decided to make a list of all the classic picnic foods but I do not like a few of them and hate one in particular. I don’t know how many of you would agree with me but here it goes. 9 classic picnic foods perfect for your next outing.

Spicy deviled eggs

9 classic picnic foods_spicy deviled eggs


Spicy food has always been my kryptonite, so whenever I plan a picnic spicy deviled eggs are a must. Hard-boiled eggs may seem a little mundane but a bit of paprika, mustard, green onions, and voila! I will also let you in on a secret, I always put in some tabasco just for that extra kick. And that’s the beauty of it, you can add whatever you love. The next time I make spicy deviled eggs I'm gonna put in some Tajin and see how it tastes.

Fruit salad

9 classic picnic food_fruit salad

Source: Delish

Sometimes my love for spice gets the better of me so I always have some fruit salad to mellow things out. Also, I like experimenting with new ingredients and this has introduced me to so many new ingredients that I love now. So if you are out shopping for ingredients to put in your fruit salad maybe grab that fruit or that kiwi. You never know, maybe your fruit salad will be the star of the picnic meal.

Pinwheel sandwiches

9 classic picnic food_pinwheel sandwich

Source: wikiHow

Pinwheel sandwiches have always been a hit with my kids. It’s the shape that has always done it for my kids. And they are not that hard to make either, just roll your sammy so you end up with a roll-up and cut it crosswise and your pinwheel sandwich is ready. Just be careful what bread you use, any soft flat bread or flour tortilla will work just fine. And if you want a recipe that will be an instant hit in the picnic try bbq chicken rollups.


9 classic picnic foods_watermelon slices

Source: 123RF

A picnic is incomplete without this refreshing treat, and it cannot be simpler. You can always use watermelons in salads or drinks but I love the classic approach. Just cut open a watermelon, slice it up, and serve them. Life cannot get any simpler than this. 

Potato salad

I used to love potato salads when I was a kid. Every picnic was the one dish that was always there. But as I grew up and became wiser I got wearier of the dish. Mainly because it is really easy to pack a few pounds with this dish. So the only option I had was to take my grandmother’s recipe and make a few tweaks here and there to make it leaner. It is pretty simple really just to substitute some of the ingredients with the low-fat version like fat-free sour cream and low-fat mayo. Although this classic picnic dish does not make a regular appearance in my picnics nowadays, it is a classic nevertheless. 

Pasta salad

9 classic picnic food_pasta salad

Source: Inspired Taste

Recently I’ve been all about pasta salads and this saucy, cheesy, chilled salad is great for picnics too. It will surely bring an international feel to your picnics in the park or by a beautiful lake. If you are looking for a tasty new pasta salad recipe then you can surely try my favorite Italian pasta salad recipe, I just know you will love it. 

Grill away

Grilling burgers for a picnic feast, it can’t get more American than this. And when you are at it maybe throw in some chicken and sausages in there. But many of my friends don't like carrying raw meat to picnics. It’s understandable as you have to keep your meat on ice so it doesn’t go bad and more importantly, you need to pack it carefully. As it is very easy to contaminate your greens if you pack them with your meat. But if you can manage all the minute details then the only thing waiting for you is a feast. What could be better than a burger fresh off the grill?

Fried chicken

This is one classic picnic food that I never understood. It doesn’t mean I don't like fried chicken, I love them. I love them fresh off the fryer, hot and crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. But I have never liked those cold fried chicken dripping with oil. And most of the time it’s not even crispy! So if you are like me then you can do what I do and bake them. Yes, bake your chicken instead of frying it so it will not be covered in oil, and use ground corn flakes so you will have that crunch.

So let me know what’s your favorite picnic food down comment down below

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