Publication date February 16, 2024

9 Super Bowl Outfits to Wear for the Big Game (Inspired by Taylor Swift)

Calling all Swifties and fashionistas! Whether you're cheering on your team from the sidelines or on your living room couch, channel your inner Taylor Swift with these super stylish Super Bowl outfits. 

Taylor Swift super bowl outfit

Source: Stylecaster

From sweater dresses and tall boots to bomber jackets, we’ve got 9 Super Bowl looks that will turn heads and score you major style points. So what to wait? Just grab your game day snack, crank up the music, and get ready to rock the stadium (or your couch)!

1. Coordinating Sweats

Coordinating Sweats

Looking for some extra coziness for a day spent on the couch watching the big game? Then what game day outfit will be better than wearing a jogger set or sweats in the shade of your favorite team?  Although this two-piece sweatsuit is a sound investment any day of the year, it’s especially great when you‘re watching the Super Bowl at home. You will be free to munch on all the big-day snacks without feeling uncomfortable. 

2. Sweaterdress + Tall Boots

Sweaterdress + Tall Boots

Source: Harpers Bazaar

Considering Taylor Swift has a knack for wearing sweaterdresses from Reformation, you can’t go wrong with pretty much the same reddish look—it’s just as cozy as it is chic. If you’re really not in the mood to wear knee-high boots (we get it), replace them with some white sneakers and call it a day. Up the glam with a bold red lipstick à la Taylor.

3. Trench + Track Pants

Trench + Track Pants

If you have other plans on the big game day and can’t wear all that jersey-style outfit, wearing a high-low dress with a hint of sportiness, will be a perfect idea.  Just pair a structured trench with some wide-leg bottom (maybe an athletic one), and you’ll look like an editor hurrying between shows. 

4. NFL team merch

 NFL team merch

Source: Glamour

When not sure what to wear and searching for some cute Super Bowl outfits, throw on some team merch and settle in for the show. If you’re a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers, choosing red will match the game vibe. But if you’re supporting some other team, going with a different shape or color that matches your team’s jersey will undoubtedly be a great idea. And there’s a plethora of NFL-inspired merch for Swifties on the internet, in case you’re just watching to see Travis Kelce’s paramour.

5. Fuzzy jacket + sweatpants

Fuzzy jacket + sweatpants

Source: CEAT

The magic of a shearling jacket is unbeatable. It looks put together and feels like loungewear, both comfy and stylish. No matter where you end up on Sunday, you’ll be praised for having such a versatile layer in tow. To keep things chill, you can wear a classic white tank top, relaxed (but not shapeless) sweatpants, and leather sneakers. That’s it! A perfect look for the Super Bowl!

6. Be the Jersey Girl 

Be the Jersey Girl

Source: CBS News

Another jersey-style outfit for big game day because honestly we all will agree wearing jerseys to cheer our favorite team on Super Bowl Sunday just gives another level of joy. So you should definitely give it a try, especially if yours makes it to the finals. A jersey is even more appropriate if you’re planning on hitting the stadium, just like our superstar, you can go the classic route and wear your team jersey with jeans. Put a seriously stylish spin on it by wearing a turtleneck underneath your jersey (it’s still cold weather, you all!) along with denim pants or a skirt. Either way, an outfit that screams “NFL fan for life” is sure to be achieved!

7. Leather jacket + Leggings

Moving forward in our list of top Super Bowl outfits with this cool yet classic look. Each of the wardrobe essentials in this y outfit is a little more interesting than it has to be. The leather jacket adds some much-needed texture, meanwhile, that’s a turtleneck, not a plain T-shirt; the leggings feature split hems; the boots have boosted soles. As a whole, it’s all great for celebrating at a bar or hanging out at a friend’s place.

8. Bomber Jacket + Jeans

Bomber Jacket + Jeans

Creating a look at your local watch party is as easy as throwing on a trendy bomber jacket and a pair of jeans. Before you stop us and say, not that, these midrise jeans have plenty of stretch, and the jacket is itself super comfy making the whole look couch and charcuterie board friendly. 

9. Graphic Tshirt + Jeans 

Graphic Tshirt + Jeans

Source: Rethnea

If you want to go with a quick and simple yet cool look, wearing a t-shirt with the logo of your favorite team and pairing it with distressed jeans will be a good idea. Like this Ree’s go-to outfit is shown in the image. You can also wear some comfortable sandals or sneakers to make the Super Bowl look super comfy. 

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