Publication date December 23, 2022

Adam Richman's cookie recipe might just be your savior this Christmas

I love baking cookies during Christmas because cookie swaps are my absolute favorite. And that is why I keep looking for new recipes for the cookie swaps. And Adam Richman swooped in as the savior by appearing in the “Great American Holiday Cookie Swap”. But baking cookies can get hectic because you need to look out for a lot of things starting from getting the perfect tree to decorating the entire house. So, if you are looking out for easy cookie recipes then “Great American Holiday Cookie Swap”. The show will showcase 52 holiday-themed recipes and the best part is the recipes will be made by your favorite food industry experts like Erin French and Duff Goldman.

Adam Richman

Source: Esquire

The “Great American Cookie Swap” had my favorite food expert from New York for the first episode and it was none other than Adam Richman. Adam grew up in Brooklyn and represented New York on the show with his baking skills. I will be honest, that was not the Adam Richman I remember. Of Course, if you are a fan of Adam Richman you know he rose to fame with Man vs Food. Whenever I imagine Adam Richman I imagine him gobbling down heaps of oysters or taking down a monstrous piece of meat. But this time around it was a whole new experience. Adam showed his skills as a baker and brought us a scrumptious dish that I am definitely going to make this Christmas. 

But Adam Richman cannot be Adam Richman without going the extra mile. The former Man vs Food host made a traditional cookie with a twist of his own. There is more to the story, Adam chose a cookie that holds many sweet memories for him. The former Man vs Food made traditional hamantaschen cookies with a spin of his own. But what makes this more special is his memories with the cookies. He took to Instagram to tell us why these cookies were so special to him. He wrote, “ It’s a cookie I grew up eating and even though it’s normally associated with the holiday of Purim, it’s a deeply beloved treat within the Jewish faith of which I am a proud member.” If the statement is a bit confusing for you then let me clear up a few things that might help you understand Adam’s emotions better. Hamantaschen are triangular cookies that are usually eaten during Purim which is a Jewish holiday celebrated in March.

But like I said the enigmatic food expert who has traveled the country eating different delicacies while filming for Man vs Food had to give the traditional hamantaschen cookies a little flavor of New York. When made traditionally the hamantaschen cookies will have a filling of poppy seeds and fruit jam. Richman did not go for the traditional filling; rather Adam Richman made an Apple Pie Hamantaschen after he was representing “The Big Apple”. I also think it was a genius way to represent New York and also Adam chose to use the state crop as one of the key ingredients in the dish. If you didn’t know, New York is the second-highest producer of apples in the US. And that is why Adam came up with this delicious holiday recipe that he best described as “fresh, golden, and delicious”.

So if you still haven’t checked out Adam Richman in “Great American Holiday Cookie Swap” then you should definitely do it. And comment down below what you thought of Adam’s version of hamantaschen cookies.

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