Publication date November 15, 2023

Anthems for Equality: Empowering Songs About Women’s Rights

Every human adventure is full of challenges, but there are some journeys that every woman needs to follow. Among the barriers and obstacles, a strong woman should never forget that they have every chance to celebrate their simplicity and be themselves.

Well, there is a plethora of songs about women's rights that serve as a reminder for every female as anthems for equality that empower songs for the rights of every woman out there. Read the blog precisely and get the knowledge of the best feminine songs ever. 

1. “Respect” — Aretha Franklin

This is one of the most popular women empowerment songs that was released in the year 1967. Here, the lyrics claimed that Franklin was asking for respect, but you must know that she wasn’t asking for it but was demanding it. 

Source: Respect

This Motown classic is unapologetic and brash where the background singers are supporting the message of the main vocals. 

We challenge you to sing this amazing women-empowering anthem, walk with another level of confidence and get ready to take on the day. 

2. “Girls Run the World” — Beyonce

This amazing song was released in 2011 and it is seamless to see how this amazing R&B hit became an anthem for women's rights and equality. 

This song has African-style chants, heavy rhythms, and a powerful video full of strong women, contributing to a sensation that they are not the weaker and helpless sex. 

Beyonce has always been a strong leader for every woman out there who talks about women's empowerment and their rights and equality through her songs that serve to strengthen her position.

3. “I Am Woman” — Helen Reddy

This is one of the popular songs about women's rights that was released by Helen Reddy in 1972 and is known as a 70s ballad. This song integrates some colourful guitar licks, a full chorus of background vocals, and brass underscoring.

Source: I Am Woman

The peace-and-love era was helping women who were finding themselves and realizing their worth and potential. Helen Reddy brings this issue to the forefront in this song, “I Am Woman.”

This song has a true meaning of courage and fortitude that inspires every woman to walk with confidence and demand for their rights and equality.

4. “Dumb Blonde” — Dolly Parton

This song, “Dumb Blonde” was released in 1967 by beloved singer-songwriter “Dolly Parton” who is popular for her Southern sass. 

Source: Dumb Blonde

In this anthem, she has raised her metaphorical middle finger to every person out there who judges her on her looks alone and gossips about her.

She saw success as an 80’s crossover singer and artist and was a modest and humble singer in the country. In other words, she was battling her way to the top in order to grant power, rights and equality to every woman.

5. “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” — Shania Twain

Well, this is another one of the popular songs about women's rights is my favourite and with personal opinion I am suggesting you to listen to this female anthem that has all kinds of wordplay and cheeky fun.

This song, i.e., Man! I Feel Like a Woman was sung by Shania Twain and was released in 1997. You will see amazing clothing styles, dancing, and a plethora of mischief challenging conventional gender roles.

This anthem for woman empowerment dominated the airwaves in the late 90’s era and has continued to remain a karaoke and party favourite for everyone.

6. “Shake it Off” — Taylor Swift

This is an iconic song that was sung by Taylor Swift in 2014. It tends to be serious and silly at the same time. 

Source: Shake it Off

This music video depicts that Taylor Swift is clumsy and clueless as she is goofing around with herself. 

This fits her message which states that as long as you are happy with yourself, it doesn’t matter what the world is talking about you or judging you.

7. “I Will Survive” — Gloria Gaynor

This is another one of the popular girl power songs i.e., I Will Survive was written and sung by Gloria Gaynor and was released in 1978. 

Source: I Will Survive

This song won a Grammy for its Best Disco Recording in 1978 and continued to be popular since then. 

This song by Gaynor gives the message to every woman to escape a bad relationship and search for her footing to endure across all genres and generations.

8. “About Damn Time” — Lizzo

This amazing song was sung by Lizzo and was released in 2022, bringing encouragement to all the ladies of every size out there with her brand of uplifting music.

This anthem points to her growth as an artist and as a person who can dare anyone to bring her down but Lizzo believes that “true strength comes from within.”

Lizzo inspires every woman with her song to bring courage within themselves and don’t escape from any situation but find a way to uplift herself.

All of these women empowerment songs or female anthems are truly inspirational for every female. These strong woman songs are for you if you are underconfident to feel relieved, equal, empowered, and strong.

Let’s feel confident together with these female anthems or songs about women's rights and walk in public being yourself without feeling inferior to anyone. 

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