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Are "Cult of the Lamb" rumors true about it just being a darker "Animal Crossing"?

The world is buzzing about Australian lamb, but it’s not the one you might be thinking of. It’s a video game that topped sales charts upon release. Cult of the Lamb has been an instant success, and its numbers are a testament to that. If you want to get an idea of how good this game has performed on its release, for a start, Cult of the Lamb had temporarily overthrown the much-awaited Spider-man PC. Now that says a lot.

Is it even any good?

Is cult of the lamb good?

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Should I play Cult of the Lamb? If this is the question that is going through your head then let me shed some light on it. Cult of the Lamb will definitely appeal to you who love building or construction games. The game comes under the survivalist genre. I know what you are thinking, a survivalist game with building elements in it. I agree there aren't many games out there with this unique mix, and I feel like that is what has added significantly to the success of the game. It will be interesting to see if the success of “Cult of the Lamb” starts a new trend or not.

Cult of the Lamb is like Animal Crossing?

Is Cult of the Lamb like Animal Crossing

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Many have been comparing Cult of the Lamb with Animal Crossing. Now if you have not played Cult of the Lamb but want to start the game because you are a fan of Animal Crossing then you need to read this first. At its core Cult of the Lamb is a town-and-farm management survival simulator. The town management aspect is what brings all the Animal crossing comparisons. But in Cult of the Lamb, you are building a cult, but the game has a lot of depth. 

To keep your cult flourishing you will need to build relationships within your cult. If you fail to build a good relationship with your followers they will lose faith in you and will leave the cult. To hold on to your followers you need to cook and feed them, give them a place to sleep, and clean up after them. By cleaning up I mean cleaning up their poop and there’s a lot of poop to be cleaned. You also have a garden where you can plant different seeds. You will also need wood to make more structures and decorations.  

But what sets Cult of the Lamb apart from Animal Crossing is you can rule with an iron fist. If your follower wants to leave your cult you can sacrifice them or intimidate them with fear. Another aspect of the game that I really love is that your followers will age and eventually die of natural causes. This adds a certain level of realism to the game. But your followers can die an even worse death if you choose it.

I need a challenge

Cult of the Lamb

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If you are one of those who find thrill in steep challenges then you would be glad to know Cult of the Lamb has a difficulty scale and you can adjust the difficulty whenever you feel it. Apart from the combat I really enjoy managing my cult and building power, and you too shall invest some time in it because you will get new powerful weapons which can be a great help in the dungeon runs. 

When I look at it, Cult of the Lamb looks like the evil twin of Animal Crossing. Death is one of the most prominent aspects of the game whether it’s you sacrificing a follower or a follower dying of natural causes. Death is inevitable. But even though the game has a very dark take, visually it looks very cute and the game itself is very enjoyable. But before I wrap it up I need to mention the best feature of the game. You can pet your dog followers after a long hard day. That feature alone sold me on the game.

So would you wanna try Cult of the Lamb? Comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is “Cult of the Lamb” satanic? 

Whether "Cult of the Lamb" is a "satanic" game depends on your perspective and individual interpretation. While the games delve into themes of cults and rituals but with a playful and satirical twist, rather than promoting harmful practices.

Q. Is Cult of the Lamb similar to Animal Crossing?

While it's true that Cult of the Lamb and Animal Crossing share some surface similarities such as cute aesthetics, resource gathering, and base building, they offer drastically different gameplay experiences. The two games have different genre, tone, and story. 

Q. Will Cult of the Lamb be removed?

According to Nicole Carpenter, a senior reporter at Polygon specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games, the Cult of the Lamb game will not be removed or deleted.

Q. Is the Cult of Lamb a horror game?

Cult of the Lamb game combines both horror and cuteness elements, offering a unique and unconventional gaming experience. The game developed by indie developer Massive Monster creates a juxtaposition between its darker elements and its calm village setting, allowing players to navigate a grungy yet colorful world. 

Q. Can you play Cult of the Lamb Endless?

While there is no official endless mode in the Cult of the Lamb game,  the existing Crusade Mode and other activities offer substantial replayability and a sense of progression. Moreover, PC players have additional options through mods and save editing, providing greater flexibility for those seeking a truly endless experience.

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