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Are McDonald's Boo Buckets really worth all the hype?

Don’t have any plans for Halloween? Why not a trip to McDonald’s? Why do you ask? Well, McDonald’s is back with their McDonald’s Halloween pails, or the Boo Buckets as I know it to make this season even spookier. But are they worth your time? Let us look at some details about the McDonald’s Boo Buckets before we decide if we are going to make a trip to McDonald’s this Halloween.

What are these Boo Buckets?

McDonald's Boo Bucket

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It all started back in 1966 when McDonald’s started giving their kids Happy Meals in cute Halloween-themed buckets which can double as a trick-or-treat pail for the kids. Fast forward to 2022 McDonald’s has updated and upgraded. McDonald’s is now offering three different types of Boo Buckets: the McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin. If the names are confusing you then I will make it easier for you to identify them. The three buckets look like a white ghost, an orange pumpkin, and a green goblin.

But this year there is something different, a raised decoration for each lid. The McGoblin got a witch’s hat, a pumpkin top for the McPunk’n, and what seems like a white pumpkin top for the McBoo. Now that we have discussed the three there is one very important thing that needs to be addressed, the Boo-buckets do not come with toys, the bucket is the toy.  

I’m excited! Can I grab one now?

Yes, you can grab one now at your nearest participating McDonald’s. The McDonald's Boo buckets became available from 18th October throughout the country. You can grab one of the three colors: ghostly white, pumpkin orange, or slime green. All you need to do is order a Happy Meal then you will be gifted with a Halloween bucket from Ronald McDonald. You don’t need to pay extra for the bucket since it replaces the toy. So if you are ordering the McDonald’s Boo Bucket it may cost you between $5 to $7. 


There is a possibility that the Boo Buckets might sell out. The McDonald’s employees were struggling to fulfill the orders for the “Adults Happy Meal” and now with Boo Buckets making an entry things could get really crazy really fast. This is not just an assumption but a calculated prediction. A few things that I considered were the amount of press the Boo Buckets got and we do not know how the colors will be distributed to the collectors will be swift and swarm McDonald’s outlets as they would want all three colors. So if you don’t wanna get your hands on one you need to act quickly.

What could have been?

McDonald’s Boo Buckets have gone through an evolution of their own, and in between the Boo Buckets were replaced with McBoo Bags which were glow-in-the-dark trick-or-treat bags. McBoo Bags also had their run but then the Boo Buckets made a comeback. Another notable change took place in 1992 when Boo Buckets were designed to include cookie cutters that popped off the lid. There are also rumors around that there were some proposed Boo Bucket ideas that were never released like the purr-fect black cat bucket and a McMummy bucket. Just out of curiosity if you were given a chance to design a Boo Bucket, what would you make?

McDonald's Boo Buckets 2023 

McDonald's Boo Buckets

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Finally, McDonald’s Halloween-themed Happy Meals are returning for the spooky seasons in four different styles in 2023.  You can get these iconic festive pails at McDonald’s stores from October 17. These are for a limited time so you have to be ready to grab them as soon as possible. This year, instead of regular paper packaging, these Happy Meals will be in plastic buckets. There will be four colors to choose from, white, orange, green, and purple, which is the latest addition to the Boo Buckets series. Additionally, the four characters will be, monsters, skeletons, mummy, and vampires.

How to get Boo Buckets?

You can get these amazing Boo Buckets from October 17 to October 31 at your nearest Mcdonald’s store as per The Street. But there is one condition, the festive pails will be available only till the stocks last. To buy Halloween-themed Happy Meals, you will have to place an order at an outlet or via the McDonald's app. According to sources, the prices will range anywhere from $4 to $7.

As the spooky season nears, many people can't help but express their excitement over the Boo Buckets' comeback.  Several users shared their excitement on social media with memes, posts, and tweets about the Halloween delicacy. For instance, one user on X (Tweeter) wrote, “YES! Boo Buckets are back again this year at McDonald's!”

Another user wrote, “McDonald’s Halloween ‘Boo Buckets’ are back — facing off against Burger King’s ‘Trick or Heat’ plastic pails.”

So are you excited about the McDonald’s Boo Bucket this Halloween? Comment down below which one you grab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do the McDonald's Boo buckets last?

The McDonald's Boo Buckets usually last for a short period around Halloween, roughly two weeks. In 2023, The McDonald’s Boo Buckets are back for two weeks, according to the company, from Oct. 17 until around Oct. 31, while supplies last. 

Q. Can you just buy McDonald's Boo buckets?

You can get a Boo Bucket by ordering a Happy Meal at your local McDonald's.

Q. What is inside the McDonald's boo buckets?

A Boo Bucket comes with your choice of a 4-piece chicken nugget, a 6-piece chicken nugget, or a hamburger for the entree. The meal typically includes french fries, apple slices, and milk. Substitutions vary by store.

Q. How much does a boo bucket cost?

The exact price of a Boo Bucket depends on your location but the spooky buckets can range from $4 to $7.

Q. How many different Boo buckets does McDonald's have?

McDonald’s has a total of four different types of Boo Bucket that includes colors orange, white, purple, and green. According to the company, the purple vampire Boo Bucket is "launching for the first time since the OG purple Boo Bucket.”

Q. When did Boo Buckets come out?

The Boo Buckets were first introduced in 1986, and were a Happy Meal staple of the spooky season for several years before they "vanished for a while." But, three iconic, throwback buckets returned for 2022 on Oct. 18.

Q. Is McDonald's doing Halloween buckets?

Yes, McDonald’s is doing Halloween buckets in 2023. But this year the company has changed the Boo Buckets characters. Now, the green bucket will be a monster, the orange a skeleton, the white a mummy, and a purple vampire-themed bucket will be also added to the line-up.

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