Publication date August 30, 2023

Are you really in love? 7 undeniable signs of platonic love.

Love comes in all forms and bonds, and platonic love is a beautiful feeling to experience in one’s lifetime. Platonic love is one of the purest forms of love. It is often confused with friendship, and although some friendships do show the signs of platonic love and bond between two people, not all friendships are platonic. 

In an era of “we are just friends” and “we are friends with benefits,” there is one pure form of love that can exist a little bit in friendships and romantic relationships in the beginning. Platonic love is a feeling of deep affection towards someone with no desire for a romantic relationship and no physical attraction. Platonic relationships are still loyal, loving, and caring relationships, but without the need to form an intimate physical relationship. Platonic love can exist between parent and child, teacher and student, and pretty much anyone. It’s easier to develop platonic love in childhood but even adults can experience this form of love. 

Are you really in love or do you just feel for someone in a platonic way? If you are wondering what platonic love is, continue reading the article further you will get a clear idea about what it is and how it is so different from friendship and romantic love relationships.

Platonic Love

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Feelings of fellowship, friendship, and fraternity exceed more

It's easy to be friends with them and these warm feelings of affection exceed more than normal friendship and all other feelings. Also, friendship happens naturally and there is no hint of competition between both of you. You always feel like cheering on them in life and they do the same for you. It’s a nice bond based on fraternity and when you meet them you know you can count on them for life.

You don't constantly feel the need to be with them

You share an incredible bond, share each other's joy and you have seen it all. Some people claim you guys to be those old couples who just enjoy each other's company and be there for each other in times of need, but the truth is you don't feel the need to be around them or with them 24x7. You can stay apart happily without being an emotional wreck and there is no dependency of any sort on this person. 

There is no chemistry between you two

Attraction in any relationship changes over time. It won't stay the same during the relationship. That's one of the reasons why it could be confusing to understand whether one feels towards someone platonically or romantically. One sure shot sign the love shared is platonic is negligible chemistry that quite meets the eye. There is no chemistry between you two despite getting along well and clicking with each other.  

Platonic love


There were no feelings of nervousness, to begin with  

When there are no sparks of chemistry there is likely no nervousness between you two. Although it’s not completely true for socially anxious people, there was no nervousness to begin with so you know you like them platonically. You can be yourself with them and you don't worry about how you’re gonna look by sporting your true self, whether you are goofy or childish or mature - it really doesn't matter. 

Their presence is more calming than exciting

You don't anticipate any excitement with them. Your inner feelings are inclined towards calmness when you are with them and they share the same feeling towards you. They don't feel excited towards you and their body language shows it too. Awkward moments, long silences are not confusing or uncomfortable. 

Platonic love


There is no hint of jealousy 

Everything is fair in love and war. So they say it right? Well, a little jealousy is a hallmark indicating that you do feel like making someone yours and a sign that you are emotionally and romantically invested. Even the small signs of feeling jealous about them being away with other friends or them not giving you enough attention can mean that you like or love them romantically. But, platonic love is devoid of jealousy.

There are no expectations of requisition of love 

In most romantically linked love, there is this feeling of expectation and hope that arises and makes you feel like the other could share the same feelings for you. But, when it comes to platonic love you really couldn't care less about the requisition of love. If they don't share the same platonic love as you do and believe you are happy to move on or keep sharing your love freely but you don’t wallow in rising expectations about the same. 

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