Publication date February 3, 2023

Bullying is taking a toll on my health

I saw the anonymous confession in the envelope and after reading the pieces of advice given out in the comment section, I thought it was a safe space so writing it here. No judgment, please.

I am 35 and have been married for the last 7 years. I am a registered nurse in a hospital but I won’t tell the name of it cause you never know, you will find me there someday, lol. Okay, I am here because my coworkers are bullying me for playing Star Chef 2 in my free time and it’s not fair. The bullying haunts me day and night and I think my mom agrees with them.  

So a few days ago, I got a big promotion but of course, it’s not just a title, you know. Along with it came a lot of workloads. I became the Head Nurse where I get to supervise a lot of people and I am happy about it. Now, after I got promoted, I happen to communicate with a lot of children and their parents and one among them introduced me to the game which I am really grateful for. 

I started to play the game whenever possible, meaning I am free and there was no pressure. That would help me feel free for a while. What happened after this is terrifying. The staff of different departments come to me during my break and see me playing the game. And they just snatched away my phone only to tell me that I am just a nurse who plays kids’ games without any responsibility towards my duty. I stood there trying to understand why I would get bullied so badly for just playing a game that relaxes me and makes me more relaxed while I attend to the patients. 

I was shocked that day but I did not mention it to anybody except my mom. She thinks they are totally right about the bullying as I am playing “a game” and I should stop. She does not understand what the work pressure does to me. I really thought that talking to my mom would make me feel better about it but now it’s worse. I do not want to bring my husband into this as he already has his own problems to deal with. 

I just moved on from the incident but now, the bullies come around at the same time when I am free and playing the game. It is more stressful than my work at this point. I don’t know what to do. If I report this, I am sure they’ll come back after work or some other day to haunt me. But am I wrong about playing Star Chef 2 during my free time? Am I not being responsible for my duty in the hospital? Please advice. 

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