Publication date March 10, 2023

Cologne to LA: The Kate Petras journey is nothing short of inspirational!

If you love music and stay updated on what’s happening in the world of music then you might have heard the name, Kim Petras. But do you know who she is and why she is popping up everywhere? Kim Petras is one of the dozen musicians who were awarded the Grammys this year. But if there are a dozen Grammys bestowed upon the stars of the music world what makes Kim Petras stand out from all of them? Well for those who don’t know, Kim's Grammy win was historic because Kim Petras became the first ever openly transgender woman to win the Grammy. And to make things even better she won the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with non-binary singer Sam Smith. The duo picked up the Grammy for their song, “Unholy.”

Not just the LGBTQ+ community Kim Petras’s story is an inspiration to all. Starting her journey from a small town in Germany to making history at the Grammys, her story is a testament to the fact that hard work and dedication can get you everything you have ever dreamed of. Kim Petras is from the German city of Cologne and from there to the stage Grammys in Los Angeles has been a long bumpy journey for her.

Kate was assigned male when she was born but at a very young age, she realized she was a girl. But things got really rough for her when she appeared in a German documentary in her teen years. But the documentary turned out to be very offensive and portrayed Kate in poor light. Kate Petras said the documentary made her a joke on TV and the harassment by strangers turned so bad that she even became suicidal. But music came to her aid. 

Kate Petras turned to pop music at her darkest hour and found comfort in it. Heavily inspired by Britney Spears, the Spice Girls, Cher, and Madonna, Petras decided to explore the realm of music. She started writing songs and singing. Petras was 14 when she started performing in gay clubs. One could only imagine that is where she was truly accepted. She was determined to be a star in the music industry so by the age of 19 she was in Los Angeles and released her debut single in 2017. 

Sam Smith realized what Kate Petras can truly offer the music industry and reached out to her. It was still early in Kate Petras’s career when she got the DM from Sam Smith on Instagram and both decided to do a collab together. I don’t think even they knew it would result in something so historical. The duo finally released “Unholy” in 2022 and the song made Kate Petras and Sam Smith the first trans woman and non-binary person to win the Grammys.

Kate Petras’s historic win is an inspiration for the entire LGBTQ+ community. It proves no matter how harsh everyone becomes, how hostile the world turns transgender people outshine everywhere. Kate Petras has done tremendous work for the transgender community. She is comfortable with her identity and wants her identity in light as she shines in the music world. It’s truly inspiring. What are your thoughts on it, comment down below.

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