Publication date August 21, 2023
Author: Nobullshittaken

Left dinner excluding my husband with my in-laws

I'm a 26-year-old woman, and about two weeks ago, I went on a "family trip" with my in-laws. There's always been an undercurrent of my mother-in-law (MIL) thinking I'm a bit "ignorant" and "backward" due to my background coming from a lower-class family compared to theirs. She's also held the opinion that I lack certain "etiquette."

Upon reaching the hotel, they had planned a visit to an upscale restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately, my husband didn't inform me about this plan in advance. I only found out at the last moment when he was already dressed up for it. When I asked where he was headed, he casually mentioned that he, along with the family, were going out to dine. However, I wasn't included because his mother "assumed" that since I might not be familiar with the food and the proper way to eat it at the restaurant, it would be better for me to stay in and eat at the hotel. Rather than arguing, I allowed him to leave and subsequently packed my things, catching the first available flight back home.

When he realized I had left, he became frantic and made numerous calls. Upon discovering that I had gone back home, he became very angry and accused me of being unreasonable and irrational for my actions. He went on to say that my behavior was ungrateful and embarrassing, especially in front of his family. This reaction was despite the fact that he had actively persuaded me to join the trip. Our disagreement escalated into an argument, and he resorted to giving me the silent treatment once he returned home.

Adding to the strain, some members of his family have indirectly critiqued me on social media, discussing what I did without directly mentioning my name.

In summary, during a recent family trip with my in-laws, a miscommunication led to my exclusion from a fancy dinner. Feeling uncomfortable and unwanted, I chose to leave and head back home. This decision led to a heated argument with my husband, who labeled my actions as ungrateful and embarrassing. Additionally, certain family members have taken to social media to discuss the incident without directly addressing me.

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