Publication date August 18, 2023
Author: betrayednewmom

My husband lied about the baby's gender and that's cheating!

Me and my husband have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of our first child. However, his betrayal during the recent events have left me shattered.

Here’s the story: My childhood was a mess and I always wanted to have strong paternal figure in my life. Unfortunately, I did not have that connection with my father and I hoped to experience it with a son of my own. My husband was completely aware of this and during my initial pregnancy appointments, he would accompany me and we always wanted the gender of the child to be a secret until given birth.

During those appointments, my husband happened to see the file on which the gender of the child was specified and he told me that we were gonna have a boy! My happiness knew no bounds and we invested financially as well as emotionally, setting up a blue themed nursery and purchasing items tailored to a boy. We even decided to name him after my grandfather.

However, when the due date was near, one day, he told me that we were expecting a girl, and not a boy. He even admitted that he knew it from the beginning, but did not want to disappoint me. This hit me hard, as it was betrayal by my very own partner. Overwhelmed, I cleared out the nursery and started sleeping in the other room. I also expressed, which now I regret, saying that he cheated on me.

I know that I shouldn’t have said something like that, but the feeling of betrayal is still felt. Was I wrong here?

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